your one stop shop to putting on events as a student group


your one stop shop to putting on events as a student group

Bookable Rooms

Bookable rooms are currently able to be booked. Capacities which can be found below:

Bookable Room 1 – 50 people
Bookable Room 2 – 15 people
Bookable Room 3 – 8 people
Bookable Room 4 – 15 people
Bookable Room 5 – 20 people
Bookable Room 6 – 50 people

Rooms can currently be booked between 9am and 10pm. To book a bookable room, please click here.

Please note that no alcohol is allowed in the bookable rooms. 

UEA Rooms

Capacities for UEA rooms can be found on Booker. Please however, do not book rooms via Booker. Please only book UEA rooms via the room booking form below.

Please note that only small, cold, pre packaged snacks are allowed in UEA rooms and no alcohol. 

To book the Multifaith Centre, please contact them directly. Their contact details can be found by clicking here. 

 To book a UEA room, please click here. Please note that no alcohol is allowed in the bookable rooms. 

The Hive

Hive stalls are now able to be booked! Click here to book a stall in the Hive.


Exhibition Space

To book the exhibtion space, please email 


Blue Bar

Students are able to book blue bar on selected dates throughout the semester, subject to availability. Any event in this space has to be something that any customer could watch and enjoy, for example, an open mic night, poetry slam or an interactive activity. Events in this space should be seen as an opportunity to expand the reach of your club or society by engaging with our customer base. 

No ticketed events can take place in Blue Bar as it has to be open to everyone, however your club or society will be able to take cashless, voluntary donations via the SU website.

To enquire about booking the blue bar, please email


Red Bar

Red bar is not a bookable space.


Scholars Bar

Although Scholars bar cannot be booked out as a whole, Postgraduate student groups are able to reserve tables in Scholars for events or activities that they may be doing. Please note that this is a PG area only. If you are an individual student wanting to reserve tables in scholars bar, please contact Elise Page, your postgraduate education officer for support with this at . If you are a PG club or society who would like to reserve tables in Scholars bar, please email for more details.


To enquire about booking the LCR, please email

Green Room

To enquire about booking the Green Room, please email


Unio is not currently a bookable space, however, please check back here for more updates as this may be a space that becomes available in the future.


To enquire about putting on a conference, please email

Outdoor Space events

To obtain permission to have an event in an open space on campus (anything outside of buildings), it needs to be approved by the University's Event Permission Group. These are elected respresentatives from several areas of the university, who consider the implications of the event on the surrounding area.

To do this, you must complete an Event Permission Form (under documents and forms at the bottom of the page) and risk assessment to cover the event. This must be submitted with our event coordinator's approval once the forms are completed and you are ready to send them. Please ensure you have allowed 4 - 6 weeks notice of the event.

Please send your completed documents to to approve. Once we have approved your application, we will send it onto UEA Open Spaces team to approve and liaise with you directly.



Information on how to book a BBQ can be found here. 

A BBQ for 12 or less students can be booked by completing the form on the page here. On weekdays you will usually have a response within 24 hours.

All BBQ’s for more than 12 people must complete an Event Permissions Form and fill out a Risk Assessment, whether clubs, societies or schools. Bookings for more than 12 people must be from a SU Club or Society or from a UEA Department or School. Individuals can only book for a maximum of 12 people. Find out more here.


Campus Kitchen block

Parts of Vista, Blend and Zest will now be available for student groups to hire in the new academic year, out of hours, Monday - Friday up to 9:45pm at a cost of £30 per area including VAT. For more information on this, please contact


To put on a trip, please read through the page here and complete all of the documents and forms required such as a risk assessment and trip form. 

Balls/Christmas parties

We are happy for student groups to book things like balls and Christmas parties at external venues. Please remember however to make us aware of this and send us through all contracts before signing anything. You will also need to send us through your risk assessment before your event takes place. You can send these through to Please also make yourselves aware of the SU’s finance processes for paying invoices.


Other external events/activities

If you are planning any other event or activity off campus, please make us aware of this and send us through all contracts before signing anything. If your event doesn't involve an external venue, such as playing rounders in a local park, you will just need to make sure you send a risk assessment through to us to sign off before your event takes place. You can send these through to


As you can imagine, we are currently receiving a high volume of queries so please be patient with us as we aim to work through these as quickly as possible. Please also allow yourselves plenty of time when organising your events and activities, we would recommend at least 4 weeks for smaller events and 6-8 weeks for larger events.

For any questions, please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.