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Information and Support

Information and Support


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Postgraduate(su) FAQ and Useful Links

Welcome to postgraduate(su)! Whether you’re a prospective student, a new starter, or a returner, we are here to answer any questions you may have over the course of your studies at the UEA. This page is intended to cover some of our more frequently asked questions. Got a query that you don't see covered here? Be sure to contact us by email.

General PG(su) Queries:

What is postgraduate(su)?

Postgraduate(su) is an arm of the Union of UEA Students that is dedicated to representing and advocating for postgraduate students. For more information about us and what we can do for you while you study at UEA, click here

What sort of events does postgraduate(su) put on?

We do all sorts! From barbecues, laserquest, and bowling, to badminton, five-a-side, and yoga - and much more! We put on regular events for postgraduate students at the UEA and place a particular focus on periods of the year identified to be quieter on campus, in order for postgraduates to engage with one another outside of their busy study schedules. These periods are typically: Winter (December to February), Easter, and Summer (July to September). Check out our events calendar and our social media pages to keep up to date with our upcoming events!

Does postgraduate(su) do anything else?

Throughout the academic year, postgraduate(su) conducts various types of research on topics directly affecting the postgraduate community. This research allows us to better represent you on various contentious issues, and better cater to your needs as postgraduate students. In 2021/22, we will be continuing our ongoing research into Associate Tutor rights at the UEA. Previous research, including the 2015/16 Honesty and 2018/19 Courage Projects can be found here.

What funding does postgraduate(su) offer?

We have funding options available to postgraduates at the UEA - the newly combined Postgraduate Fund. This is to help fund student-led social events, and to help postgraduates with any admission, travel, or other research fees that may be accrued when attending academic conferences. For more information on this and how to access it, click here!

What dedicated spaces do you offer to postgraduate students?

During your time at UEA you will have exclusive access to the Graduate Centre, located upstairs in Union House. This space is dedicated to and run by postgraduates, and consists of a study/social space and the Scholars' Bar, which is accessible only to postgraduates and mature students by keycard.

There are also PGT and PGR-only study spaces in the Library, and the Doctoral College Suite located in Constable Terrace, although these are maintained by the University and not by pg(su).

Supporting PHD Students Who Teach

Associate tutors (ATs), graduate teaching assistants, and other casual members of teaching staff are bundled into the term ATs. ATs are employees of UEA often on part-time and more casualised teaching or research contracts. We're focusing on the PhD students who take up these contracts as we represent them as members of the student union.

Postgraduate Representation:

Who is the Postgraduate Officer, and what do they do?

The Postgraduate Officer is a democratically elected individual whose job is to liaise with postgraduates and represent their best interests in university matters. This year, your officer is Elise Page. Click here to contact them, and here to read their blog.

How do I get involved with postgraduate(su)?

Any postgraduate student at UEA is encouraged to attend the Postgraduate Assembly meetings to discuss issues facing the postgraduate community. All postgraduate students are also represented by the Postgraduate Committee, which is made up of 6 elected Assembly members, voted in during the PG Community Election period at the beginning of the academic year. More information about the Assembly, as well as all the dates for this year's Assembly and Committee meetings can be found here.

Incoming Postgraduates:

I'm starting at the UEA soon! Do you have any useful links for me?

If you are looking for accommodation while studying at UEA, click here for HomeRun - uea(su)'s housing service - and here for advice on moving into private off-campus accommodation.

In order to receive healthcare while at the UEA, you will need to register at the Medical Centre. This can be done online here.

Do you need visa support?

This UEA page may have the information you need. Make sure to check your visa status before travelling.


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