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About Us

We are the Students’ Union at the University of East Anglia and we’re the heart of student life at UEA. We’re about Students Transforming. We are students learning and developing through opportunities to do things. We are an award winning Union, run by students, and we change every year as students change. We are about changing your course, your community and your world.

If you’re starting a degree or postgraduate course here, you’ll automatically become a new member of ueasu. We are led by student officers, who are democratically elected by a ballot of all UEA students each year. Those student officers are guided by the policies that students make through referendums and through a representative body called union council.

The elected student officers determine the direction of the SU and employ around 60 members of career staff (people who work full weeks all year for our members) and around 500 members of student staff to look after the day to day operations. They act as advocates to the University, to the city of Norwich and nationally to the Government for the students at UEA. They represent students on a large and diverse set of issues, many of which change year on year. They lead campaigns to create positive change and allow students to shape their educational experience.

In addition to representation, the SU provides professional support and advice on academic, welfare and housing issues to individual students, as well as running our own housing bureau, Home Run.

The SU provides the majority of extracurricular activity on campus. We run and support over 60 Sports Clubs and 160 Student Societies. Our commercial services, which are aimed at students, but open to anyone, include 2 bars and 2 entertainment venues. The SU and its services have a combined annual turnover of around £10 million.

Although much of our operations are seasonal, based around the 30 weeks a year of undergraduate teaching at the University, the Student Officers and members of career staff are employed all year round.

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