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Accessibility - Student Nights

1. Introduction

At UEA Students Union, we’re committed to making all our events accessible to everyone. This is a guide to accessibility at UEA Student Union Club Nights at The LCR only. For information about live music at The LCR or The Waterfront, please visit UEA Ticket Bookings.

2. Contact Details

For all accessibility enquiries, please contact

3. Entering the Venue

There is step free access from the car park, bus stops and other drop off points to the venue front door. However, vehicles are unable to drive all the way up to the venue on an event day for health & safety reasons.

4. Venue Description + Access Facilities

LCR Main Room (Floor 0):

Once inside the venue, there is step free access to all facilities, including toilets, cloakroom and the bar. There are lowered bars in the venue. The LCR accessible toilet is located inside the Gender-Neutral Toilets.

Inside the LCR Main Room, there is a lowered dance floor which is accessible by four steps, which go around three sides. The stage forms the fourth side. There is no access to this dancefloor for wheelchair users.

The Hive (Floor 0):

The Hive is often used a space on club nights and has step free access from the LCR Main Room. There are two accessible toilets located in the Gender-Neutral Toilets in The Hive. There is no permanent bar in this space.

Blue Bar (Floor 01):

There is no direct access to Blue Bar from the LCR Main Room or The Hive. However, this room is accessible via an external lift (please see ‘accessing Blue Bar during a club night’ below).

Blue Bar is on 2 levels, separated by a set of steps on either side of the room. On the lower level is a dancefloor, smoking area for multi-room events, seating and 4 sets of toilets that do not include an accessible toilet. On the upper level, there is a lowered bar and 2 accessible toilet facilities. The Blue Bar accessible toilet is the only toilet in union house which is accessed via a radar key, which you can ask for at the bar. There is another accessible toilet located inside the ‘Red Bar’ toilets which join Blue Bar, and are regularly, but not always available on a club night.

To move between the lower and upper levels in Blue Bar, there is a small stair lift. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to use this. There is also the option to exit the bar through a side fire escape and use an external ramp to get to the upper level. The external ramp is not a recognised accessible ramp due to the angle of incline but is often customers preferred method of moving between floors as it can be quicker than using the lift. Please ask any member of security staff if you wish to move between floors this way. Staff will happily assist you with either method.

Accessing Blue Bar During A Club Night:

To access the Blue Bar from the LCR, please speak to the member of security on the set of 3 doors on the far side of the room from the main entrance. Tell them you wish to access Blue Bar using the lift and they will radio someone to assist you in accessing the lift that is located in the Unio Coffee shop. This lift will take you down one floor to the street outside Blue Bar. You will then be able to access the Blue Bar upper or lower level through either of the side fire escapes. Please let the member of security know which level you wish to access.

To move from the Blue Bar to the LCR, you can follow this same process but in reverse. Please ask any member of security in Blue Bar, who will get someone to help you access the lift to the LCR.

We endeavor to help you use the lift in the quickest possible time but apologise if there is a wait to do so. Security staff may be caught up with other responsibilities, but we will get someone to help you as soon as possible. Whilst we try not to, in some circumstances we must turn the lift off to stop customers accessing the event illegally. We will be happy to turn it back on but in these circumstances, please be aware that it will take a couple of extra minutes.

5. Additional Needs

If you have any additional needs at one of our events, please come and talk to a Duty Manager. They’re often at the front door, but just ask a member of the security team and they will get someone to come and speak to you. We will try to facilitate your needs wherever we can. Even knowing that you’re likely to need to use the lift at the start of an event is useful.

6. Invisible Disabilities

We have a card scheme in place to avoid you needing to have a conversation with a manager about your needs at every event you attend. Please mention your needs to a duty manager on the night or e-mail in advance.

7. Travel Guide

There is no parking adjacent to the venue, however a convenient drop off point at the front of the building in Union Place, with step-free, slightly ramped access.

The nearest car park is the University’s main visitors' car park, which is approximately 200m away. There are designated disabled spaces at the exit nearest to the venue. The route to the entrance from here has dropped curbs and step-free, sloped access.

The nearest National Rail station is Norwich.

There is a bus stop within 150m of the venue. First Buses 25 and 26 both service the UEA.

Taxis can be booked in advance and wait outside congregation hall.

8. Customers with Medical Requirements

We welcome attendees to bring medicine, food or drink needed to manage a medical condition as well as medical equipment with them to our venue. We do ask that you let staff know of any medicine, equipment or needed food and drink that is on your person upon arrival. In the event of an emergency, please contact security or ask to speak to the Duty Manager on shift.

9. Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting, lighting that produces stroboscopic effects, smoke machines and other theatrical effects may be used during shows in our venue.