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Academic Representatives

Course Reps and Convenors lead change on academic representation, a key part of what our Union was founded to do. If you want to see changes to the way your course or your academic school is run, you can talk to your Course Rep, your School and Faculty Convenors, or your Education Officers - or even run for one of these postitions yourself!


What is an Academic Rep?

Academic Reps are student and apprentice volunteers who represent the views of their peers to staff in the University. Supported by training and resources from the SU, Academic Reps work to make sure that UEA is an even better place to learn and that everyone at UEA gets the best out of their studies.

What Do Academic Reps Do?

Academic Reps sit in meetings called Student Staff Liaison Committees (or SSLCs), and the majority of their role involves preparing for, attending, and feeding back about these meetings. Reps can also take on additional self-directed projects within their School, and may be invited to provide feedback on other projects which the SU or their School may be working on.

In the last year, Academic Reps have provided student/apprentice input on new course proposals, timetabling, assessment, contact hours, placement allocations and space planning. In SSLCs, reps have raised topics such as creating school publications, workload pressures and building student community.

Reps also provide feedback and ideas to your Education Officers, shaping the work we do as a Union and helping us better advocate on behalf of students and apprentices at UEA.

Do I have an Academic Rep?

You can find the details for your course rep here, by following the link to your school and selecting your course/year of study.

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