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Room and hive bookings

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Student Space Booking Requests

Hive Stalls, Blue Bar and LCR Bookings

The Hive

Student groups are able to book a stall, please fill out the attatched form at the bottom of the page.

Blue Bar

Students are able to book blue bar on Mondays and Thursdays, subject to availability. Any event in this space has to be something that any customer could watch and enjoy, for example, an open mic night, poetry slam or an interactive activity. Events in this space should be seen as an opportunity to expand the reach of your club or society by engaging with our customer base.

No ticketed events can take place in Blue Bar as it has to be open to everyone, however your club or society will be able to take cashless, voluntary donations via the SU website.

To enquire about booking the blue bar, please email


If you wish to enquire about booking the LCR for your student event, please email and a member of staff will be in touch. You will be invited to come into the SU office for a meeting to further discuss your plans and ideas.

For further information on the spaces that are available to book and how to book them, please visit the committee hub.

Union House bookable room capacity

Bookable rooms maximum capacities can be found below:

  • Bookable Room 1 – 50 people
  • Bookable Room 2 – 15 people
  • Bookable Room 3 – 8 people
  • Bookable Room 4 – 15 people
  • Bookable Room 5 – 20 people
  • Bookable Room 6 – 50 people (space available for UEA teaching only)

Bookable Rooms in Union House can be booked from 9am – 10pm, please fill in the room booking form at the bottom of this page.

UEA Room capacities and availability

UEA room capacities can be found via Booker (what was previously e-vision). To book a UEA room, please fill in the room booking form at the bottom of this page.

Room Bookings

Student societies and individual students are able to book some rooms around campus. There are important rules and regulations regarding student use of these rooms, including alcohol and health and safety regulations.

Before submitting a request to book a room, please ensure the room booking regulations below have been read and understood:

For simple events such as meetings we require 72 hours notice (excluding weekends). For events with external speakers or larger events we require a MINIMUM of 4 weeks notice.

Room Booking Form