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Give It A Go is a fantastic events programme designed especially for students like YOU who are starting their journey at the University of East Anglia. It offers a variety of one-off activities that you can try out during your time here.

Give It A Go aims to give you the chance to try something new and make new friends along the way. These activities are beginner-friendly and don't require any long-term commitments or memberships. You can participate in as many events as you like! Just check the event listings to see if you need to book in advance or can simply drop in on the day.

Our activities provide opportunities to learn new skills, explore new hobbies, or gain new experiences. Many of our events are organized by various clubs and societies, allowing you to try something different and decide if you'd like to join them.

If you're a member of a club or society, hosting taster sessions is a brilliant way to promote your group, attract new members, and even generate some extra income!

Running your own event

Don't miss the chance to showcase your events during Welcomefest 2023. Make sure your events are listed on the uea(su) website by September 12th, giving arriving students ample time to sign up.

You can also run Give It A Go sessions all year round. There’s a host of benefits to why you should do this:

  • Allows your club or society to showcase the range of activities and events you organise: This can help potential members get a better understanding of your group's interests and mission.
  • Regular free taster sessions help increase awareness about your club or society's presence on campus: By hosting these sessions, you can reach a wider audience and attract students who may not have initially known about your existence.
  • If your club or society has members with expertise in a particular field: Offering taster sessions can allow them to showcase their knowledge and share it with fellow students, this is great for employability!
  • Some students might be hesitant to join clubs due to financial or time constraints: Free taster sessions remove the financial barrier and provide a convenient way for students to experience what the club has to offer.
  • Boosting membership: After experiencing a positive taster session, students are more likely to consider becoming full members of the club or society. This can lead to increased membership and a more active and engaged community.

For more information and guides on how to set up your own Give It A Go event, check out the FAQ section below.

Funding your event

We want to help student groups engage with more students, increase their membership and promote their club or society. To help you do this, we are offering funding of up to £50 per session.

You can apply to help with the cost of any taster sessions that you run. The funding can cover expenses such as art supplies, cooking ingredients or travel costs.

To apply for funding, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Submit a grant application here.
  • You will receive an email confirming whether or not your application has been successful within a week of submitting your application.
  • Make your purchase (either by invoice or by buying the items yourself and keeping the receipts).
  • You will need to use the expense365 app in order to claim back your funding.
  • Then, raise the claim on the expense365 app, making sure the claim amount matches the total cost on your receipts:
    • Make sure the receipts are also uploaded to the claim.
    • You will need photos/screenshots of them to do this.
  • Download the app guide here if you need support on creating and submitting your claim.
  • Your treasurer, president and secretary will then all need to approve it just like any normal claim.
  • Our finance department will credit your subs account with the Give It A Go funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this information helps you make the most of the Give It A Go programme. Have a fantastic time trying new things and creating unforgettable memories at UEA!

Tickets are exclusively available to University of East Anglia students. Please remember to bring your student card as ID when participating in a Give It A Go activity.

For most events, a physical ticket isn't necessary. You will receive your ticket via email. However, please make sure to read the details on each event page, as some events may have specific requirements.

For all events which do not require a physical ticket, if you have made your purchase through the uea(su) website, event entry information will be uploaded to your student ID card. You can produce your student card when attending to gain entry.

Creating an event on the SU website is an excellent way to promote your activity to both members and non-members. To learn how to set up an event and manage tickets, check out our helpful video guide. Just remember to tag your events with the 'Give It A Go' event type, so they appear on the calendar!


  • You MUST be a member of your student group's committee.
  • You MUST be logged in to the uea(su) website.

How to: -

  1. Make an event:
    1. Click the cog icon in the top right of the screen
    2. Click "Admin tools"
    3. Click "Events"
    4. Click "Add new event"
    5. Fill in the event details (refer to the video for further info
    6. Once all fields are filled in, click "Save"
  2. Make a ticket:
    1. Return to your admin tools
    2. Click "Tickets"
    3. Find your event
    4. Click "Add ticket"
    5. Choose a ticket type (refer to the video for further info)
    6. Set a price for your ticket, you can enter "0" if you want your ticket to be free
    7. Choose when your ticket goes on and comes off sale
    8. Set your sales limit - this is the maximum number of tickets you want to sell, consider room capacity when filling this out
    9. Set per person limit (ie. 1 ticket per person)
    10. Click "Save"
  3. Customising a ticket:
    1. Find your ticket and click the yellow square symbol at the right-hand side of the grey box
    2. Click "Add new customisations"
    3. Label - Information or question you want an answer to, can be made compulsory
    4. Max length - maximum response length
    5. Predefined values - menu choices etc, limit to this list if you want only these options
    6. For further information and specifics on the above field definitions, refer to the video

There’s no limit on the number of Give It A Go sessions that student groups can run, but student groups can only apply for one lot of funding per semester.

No. Give It A Go sessions are for current UEA students only.

Give It A Go sessions don't require any long-term commitments or memberships.

No. Funding is available should student groups need it, but if you already have all the equipment you need, you can run your session without funding.

No. Give It A Go sessions must be directly related to your student group activity (i.e. Baking soc doing cupcake decorating).

Give It A Go sessions must run between September – June.


In some case yes, for example if there is cultural significance or if the activity is directly related to the running on the student groups core function.