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Everything the Union does is guided by and has to be in line with our Articles of Association (our Constitution), and Bye-Laws,. In these documents you can find guidelines and rules about everything from clubs and societies to our Trustee Board.

If you think that we should be doing things differently, you can suggest changes to the Articles of Association and Bye-laws through Union Council or by organising a campaign to hold a Referendum.

The Articles deal with the core constitutional structure: they map out governance. The Bye-Laws deal with process: things like how our elections are run, rules of conduct at meetings  and our equality and diversity commitments.

Because we are a big and complex organisation, the rules have to be detailed and thorough. If you have any questions or do not understand any of them, please call in and see us: any member of the Officer team will be able to help you. If you cannot come in to Union House contact us at 

The Union is member-led, so it’s really important that our members are happy with all of these governing documents and understand them.

Articles of Association

Download the Articles of Association


Download the Bye-laws