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Making a Complaint 

At UEA Students' Union, we understand that sometimes concerns arise, and we're here to support you through the process of addressing them. Whether it's about the services we provide, the conduct of our staff, or the behaviour of other members, your feedback matters. 


Types of complaints we can look at:

General Complaints: Any feedback regarding the services and activities delivered by UEA(SU), including communications, advice, and venue experiences. 

Staff Complaints: Concerns regarding the actions or inactions of uea(su) staff members or contractors within their roles. 

Complaints about Other Members: Instances where a member or group of members' behaviour during SU activities is perceived as inappropriate or contrary to our Code of Conduct.

uea(su) can review complaints about other members if the alleged behaviors; 

  • took place within our venues*
  • took place at an SU run event either on or off campus (including club and society events)
  • those involved were representing the Union at the time (Elected Officers, Club/Society Committee Members, Convenors etc...) 


Types of complaints we are unable to look at:

Interpersonal Issues: We are unable to get involved with personal issues you may have with other members unrelated to the activity of the SU

UEA Regulation 10: UEA holds jurisdiction of its students' behavior, known as General Regulation 10. If your complaint relates to a student outside of Union activity, you can report this to the University via Report and Support


How It Works:

Submission: You can lodge your complaint through this online form and provide us with evidence (this could be photos, screenshots, or statements from someone who witnessed the allegation). Without evidence, it may not be possible to investigate your complaint.  

Acknowledgement: Expect a formal acknowledgement of your complaint within five working days. This acknowledgement will outline how we plan to manage your complaint. 

Investigation: We aim to begin all investigations within five working days and conclude within 10, though this timeframe may extend if circumstances beyond our control arise. We'll keep you informed of any delays. 

Outcome: You'll receive a detailed outcome letter, including the information considered, actions taken, and details of the appeal process.


Who looks at the complaint?

General Complaints: These are initially reviewed by the CEO and then delegated to the relevant department lead for investigation and resolution. 

Staff Complaints: Handled by our Director for Shared Services or, in cases involving the CEO, an external trustee. 

Complaints about Other Members: A dedicated member of the Trustee Board oversees this process with your complaint being investigated by a manager within uea(su).


Your Rights and Support: 

Confidentiality: We prioritize your privacy and will handle your complaint with discretion. However, please note that GDPR regulations may limit the information we can share. 

Transparency: We believe in keeping you informed throughout the process, and providing regular updates on the status of your complaint and its resolution. 

Advice: If you would like advice regarding your rights and support, please contact the Advice Centre who will be able to porvide you with guidance. 

Bye-laws: You can read the bye-laws that cover our complaints process here and our code of conduct here.


Get in Touch:

Your feedback helps us improve our services and maintain a respectful community. If you have any questions about the complaints process or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at  

At UEA Students' Union, we're committed to addressing your concerns promptly and effectively. Thank you for helping us create a better SU experience for everyone.