Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of fun, education and raising awareness about alcohol usage plus giving students strategies to help reduce any harmful impacts. At the SU we want you to have a great time with your friends and enjoy our bars and LCR, but we know sometimes it can be easy to feel pressure to drink more than you want to or you can find that alcohol is getting in the way of your relationships or studies.

Myth Buster

Myth: "Beer before wine or wine before beer?"

BUSTED! It is the amount of alcohol you consume that will affect how you feel, rather than the specific order of drinks.

Myth: "Coffee & water will sober me up at the end of the night!"

BUSTED! The only thing that will sober you up is simply giving it time to get out of your system. Water will help with the hangover the next day though so grab a glass before bed.

Myth: "Students at university get drunk all of the time."

BUSTED! Whilst some students choose to get drunk on occasions, only 9% of students intentionally get drunk more than once a week and a further 25% choose to not drink at all.

Myth: "Cocaine & alcohol cancel each other out!"

BUSTED! When you mix cocaine and alcohol, your body produces cocaethylene. This product is stronger than both cocaine and alcohol, and increases the risk of sudden death. Always check the interactions between the drugs you're mixing.

For more information on common drug and alcohol myths, click the button below.

Take The Survey

We have partnered with SOS UK to find out student attitudes towards drugs and alcohol at university. We would like as many club and society members as possible to complete this survey to help us better understand the approach and support you would like us to take as a Union. Neither the Union nor UEA will be provided any personal or identifiable data collected as part of this survey.

Drugs and You

We understand that sometimes people will experiment with substances and no amount of disparagement will stop this entirely; at which point, our primary focus is your wellbeing and making sure that you are safe. Taking drugs always carries a risk and can potentially be harmful.

If you choose to take drugs please bear in mind the following points:

  • Start low, go slow - Start with a small dose & wait until you’ve been feeling the effects for at least 2 hours before redosing. Remember drugs are becoming more & more potent & are not instantaneous, so resist the urge to re-dose too quickly.
  • Avoid mixing drugs - Avoid mixing different drugs, especially with alcohol. Drugs could react together in a bad way & produce long-term health consequences. This is also a way to overdose.
  • Stay hydrated with non-alcoholic drinks - Remember to sip non-alcohol drinks throughout the evening, but don’t drink more than a pint an hour.
  • There are NO set doses - Age, weight, gender, ethnic background & even how tired you are, all play a part in drug metabolism. Your friend’s dose may not be the right one for you.
  • Avoid using drugs when depressed or anxious - Taking drugs can make these feelings worse, either during the drug taking itself or as an effect of the comedown.
  • Don't be afraid to seek help - Do seek help from staff or emergency services and be honest about what drugs you have taken. If your friend is unwell, stay with them until help comes.

You can find all this information in the document below:


A Night To Remember Is Back!

A Night to Remember is the campaign which aims to promote all the things clubs and societies can do which aren't alcohol-centred and avoid the subsequent drinking culture universities can sometimes be associated with.

The campaign provides education on the impact of alcohol to your health, plus practical ideas to help non-drinking students feel included at social events.

This isn’t us saying stop all socials involving alcohol, we’re just encouraging you to make your socials inclusive and accessible to a wider range of students and take the focus away from drinking and more towards just making sure your members can have a good time.


Alcohol Awareness Week

There are more events and activities that don't involve alcohol than you might realise! Working in partnership with Do Something Different, here are just a few.

this week

Wed 21st February

Pub-style Quiz
21st February 6pm - 8pm
New Science Building 0.07
An exquisite pub-style quiz hosted by the Quiz Society.
Free | Society | Non Alcohol Focused | Making Friends | Beginners | All Abilities | Newcomers | Give It A Go

Thu 22nd February

Mental Health in Humanitarian Context
22nd February 7pm - 8pm
We are delighted to have Lindsay Solera-Deuchar from MSF, who has worked on various mental health projects abroad for people on the move, to deliver a talk on the projects she has done and the impact made!
Free | Society | Other Venues | Non Alcohol Focused | Beginners | Returners | Newcomers | Mature Student

Fri 23rd February

Guided Meditation
23rd February 7:30pm - 9:15pm
Barton Central Cafe
Free | Family Friendly | Non Alcohol Focused | Making Friends | Beginners | Give It A Go

Sat 24th February

Recreational sailing 10
24th February 9:30am - 5:30pm
Wroxham Broads
Non Alcohol Focused | Sports Club | Newcomers
The poster for 'An Esoteric Ending' - stylised silhouettes of the eight major characters, each a different colour or colour combination, against an art deco background. "An Esoteric Ending" - Murder Mystery Experience
24th February 5pm - 9pm
Congregation Hall
GeekSoc presents "An Esoteric Ending" - an immersive murder mystery experience with a fantasy twist!
Entertainment | Free | Society | Other Venues | Non Alcohol Focused | Making Friends | LGBT+ | Give It A Go
Badminton Taster 2
24th February 5pm - 5:40pm
Get your FREE ticket for the Medics Badminton taster session this Saturday!
Gigs Admin Only | Entertainment | Non Alcohol Focused | Society and Club Training | All Abilities | Newcomers | MedSoc Freshers

Tue 27th February

Postgrad Assembly
27th February 4:30pm - 6pm
Bookable Room 6
An opportunity for postgraduate students to have their say in an open, friendly and fun forum!
Postgraduate | Free | Non Alcohol Focused | Wheelchair Accessible | All Abilities | Mature Student

Wed 28th February

Wellbeing Dog Walk
28th February 2pm - 3pm
Meet at UEA Security Lodge
Postgraduate | Non Alcohol Focused | Making Friends | Newcomers | Mature Student | Give It A Go
Pub-style Quiz
28th February 6pm - 8pm
New Science Building 0.07
An exquisite pub-style quiz hosted by the Quiz Society.
Free | Society | Non Alcohol Focused | Making Friends | Beginners | All Abilities | Newcomers | Give It A Go
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