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LGBT+ History Month

What is LGBT+ History Month?

LGBT+ History Month is celebrated each year in February across the UK. The event is honoured this month to coincide with the abolition of Section 28 in 2003, which prohibited the “promotion” of homosexuality. The month aims to increase the visibility of LGBT+ people, their history, lives, and experiences.

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The ‘plus’ exists because there are many other ways in which people choose to define themselves that do not conform to straight and cisgender*. Because the labels people choose to describe themselves can be fluid and often new terms and identities are added, the ‘plus’ encompasses all other identities.

Love Wins

*The term used to describe someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth, the opposite of transgender.

Awareness and education need to be raised on LGBT+ matters so that all institutions can be considered safe spaces for the community. This year’s national theme “Behind the Lens” gives a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the lives and professional accomplishments of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans icons, many of whom work in the limelight in photography and filmmaking, TV, music, and fashion.

Learning resources

Interested in learning more this LGBT+ History Month? The below articles cover some key events from history which helped, or hindered, the path to progression.


LGBT+ History Month

this week

UEA Students' Union Pronoun badge making with UEA SU
1st February 1pm - 4pm
The Hive, Union House
White text on a blue background with a crumpled paper texture: GeekSoc is back! Taster Session 18:30 Thursday 1st Feb in NewSci 0.01 Geek GeekSoc's Taster Session
1st February 6:30pm - 10pm
NewSci 0.01
We're back!
UEA Sport UV Zumba
7th February 9pm - 10pm
Come and join Zumba instructor Chloe in the LCR for an unforgettable zumba class! Glow sticks and UV face paint will be provided.
Pride Pride Bar Crawl
9th February 8pm - 11:30pm
Meet at SU bar
Join us for a drink at the pub's around Norwich city centre, finnishing off at loft!
UEA GeekSoc's Unaired Pilots Marathon, written using individual letters cut out of a newspaper, with the tagline "The episodes they didn't want you to see!" Geek Unaired Pilots Marathon
10th February 11:15am - 9:30pm
Lecture Theatre 2
The episodes they didn't want you to see!
Nomination Drop-In: LGBT+ Students UEA Students' Union Nomination Drop-In: LGBT+ Students
12th February 1pm - 3pm
Officer HUB, in the Hive
Pride Red, White and Royal Blue Movie Screening
15th February 7pm - 9:30pm
EFRY 1.05
Join us for a screening of the 2023 LGBT Rom Com Red, White and Royal Blue!
Generational Change UEA Students' Union Generational Change
16th February noon - 1:30pm
An interactive event focused on inspiring positive change and leadership within the student community. Open to everyone, not just those in the election. This workshop will share WHY it's important we change the power balance in our society.
UEA Students' Union LGBTQ+ Necklace Making Workshop
20th February 2pm - 4pm
Exhibition Space in the Hive
A goose shooting lasers out its eyes and rainbows out of its mouth. The title reads "Silly Goose Games II: Electric Goosealoo" the details read "Wednesday 21st February, 19:00-21:00, New Sci 0.02" Pride Pride Silly Goose Games
21st February 7pm - 9pm
New Sci 0.02
Silly Goose Games II: Electric Goosealoo the long awaited sequel to our theatre games night! Bring out your inner theatre kid for a night of circle games! Including Wink Murder, Mafia, Splat and many more!
The poster for 'An Esoteric Ending' - stylised silhouettes of the eight major characters, each a different colour or colour combination, against an art deco background. Geek "An Esoteric Ending" - Murder Mystery Experience
24th February 5pm - 9pm
Congregation Hall
GeekSoc presents "An Esoteric Ending" - an immersive murder mystery experience with a fantasy twist!
Pride Pride Coffee Meet
27th February 3pm - 5pm
Come meet us in Unio for a drink and a chat!
UEA Students' Union LGBTQ+ Queer Colouring Workshop
29th February 3pm - 4:30pm
SU Blue Bar
Pride Pride Bar Social
29th February 9pm - 10:30pm
SU Red Bar
Join us for a meetup in the SU red bar, before we head to February's Spectrum next door in the blue bar!
UEA Students' Union Spectrum LGBT+ History Month
29th February 10pm - 2am
Blue Bar
Motorsport Bahrain Race Watch!
2nd March 2pm - 8pm
Julian Study Centre: 1.02
Come along and watch the first F1 Race of the Season!
"The Chronicles of GeekSoc," a royal blue hardback book, surrounded by other books Geek GeekSoc's Book Day!
7th March 6:30pm - 9:30pm
NewSci 0.01
Join us for a thrilling celebration of all things literature!
Pride Pride Games Night
7th March 7pm - 9pm
New Sci 0.02
Join us for a cosy night of board and card games.
"The Geek Soc Lord of the Rings Marathon" written in the style of the Lord of the Rings logo Geek Lord of the Rings Marathon
10th March 10:30am - 10pm
Lecture Theatre 2
Mixed Martial Arts LGBTQ+ Self Defence
10th March 11am - 1pm
Cong Hall 01.20
Our LGBT+ self defence session will be held in cong hall 01.20 by coach Alex, an experienced self defence coach. This is a private room, and the session is open to all, including complete beginners with no experience
SU Elections: Voting Open UEA Students' Union SU Elections: Voting Open
11th March 10am - 15th March noon
Voting is Open in the SU Elections! Vote now for your new Full/Part Time Officers, Club/Society signatories, and Faculty/School Conveners.
Pride Bottoms (2023) Movie Screening- Pride Movie Night
12th March 7pm - 9pm
EFRY 01.08
Join us for a screening of the 2023 LGBT Comedy Bottoms!
Pride Tran Visibility Day- Flag March and Hangout
20th March 5pm - 8pm
Meet at the Square, hangout in NEWSCI 0.02
Join us a few weeks before Trans Visibility Day (the actual date falls during easter break) for a march around campus (with flags!) followed by a hangout with some games to show our support and solidarity for the trans community.
UEA Students' Union Trans Pride Day
22nd March 11am - 4pm
UEA Students' Union Gender and Intersectionality Talk by Norfolk LGBT+ Project
22nd March noon - 1pm
Bookable Room 1, Union House (above the Hive)
The words 'Geek Soc' in a cool spacey font in front of a gold badge shaped like a rounded arrowhead, against a field of stars and nebulae Geek GeekSoc's Star Trek Night!
25th April 6:30pm - 9:30pm
NewSci 0.01
Yellow alert! Shields up!
Pride Pride Games Night
26th April 7pm - 9pm
New Sci 0.05
Join us for a night of board and card games.
A drawing of a cosy room containing two bookshelves covered in gaming memorabilia, flanking an old CRT TV with the words 'GeekSoc Plays' written across the screen. Geek GeekSoc Plays!
27th April 11am - 10pm
TPSC Lecture Theatre
! Place the Wii Remote on a flat surface and keep it still.
Pride Love, Simon Movie Night
1st May 7pm - 9pm
EFRY 01.08
Join us for a screening of the 2018 LGBT romcom "Love, Simon"
Pride Pride Games Night
9th May 7pm - 9pm
New Sci 0.02
Join us for a spring night of board and card games.
Pride Alex Strangelove Movie Screening
13th May 7pm - 9pm
EFRY 01.08
Join us for a screening of the 2018 LGBT Romcom "Alex Strangelove"
LGSM 40th Anniversary at UEA Thursday 23rd May. 1pm-5pm, The Warren, Workshops and Guest Speakers. 5pm-9pm, Blue Bar for Open Mic and Bands. 8:30-11pm, Venue TBD, Pride Screening. 10pm-Late, Spectrum UEA Students' Union LGSM 40th Anniversary at UEA
23rd May 3pm - 24th May midnight
Bookable Room 1 & Blue Bar
UEA Students' Union Spectrum - LGSM Afterparty
23rd May 9pm - 2am
Blue Bar
Pride Pride Games Night
31st May 7pm - 9pm
Thomas Paine Study Center 0.1
Join us for a break from summative season with some chilled board and card games!
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