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Serene Shibli Sexton - Campaigns and Democracy Officer

Campaigns and Democracy Blog

Keep updated with the goings on and important work that Serene is doing by taking a look at her/their blog!

Serene Shibli (she/her/they/them)

Campaigns & Democracy Officer

Hi, I'm Serene. I'm your Campaigns and Democracy Officer for this year!

My role as a full-time officer is to make sure your views are heard. It's to focus on the big issues that are important to you and make sure you can have your say. Whether it's about improving your campus experience through student democracy, in our bars and venues, or within the University or even further afield with a cause or campaign you care about and believe we as a Student Union should support, I’m here to help!

So, if you see me about, please don’t hesitate to say hi or drop me a message or an email!

I ran for this position because I think it should be easier for students to seek help, voice their needs and fight for the causes they are passionate about. I want to create more spaces for grass roots, and spontaneous, activism, and make our democracy more flexible to make it easier for individual students to speak out. This is the Students’ Union; it’s your union and it must work for you!

Your Campaigns and Democracy Officer represents you.

The Campaigns and Democracy Officer is a full-time representative of students, focusing on democratic representation for students in decision-making and the big issues that matter to you.

My Manifesto

My top three goals for the next year are:

  • Democracy Review: Student voices need to be heard. The Democracy Review aimed at ensuring the SU is accessible and able to support all students is long overdue for completion!
  • Accountability & Communication: I aim to improve the communication and transparently in the SU making us more accountable to you, the members, and more accessible.
  • Engagement: Making sure all students feel they have a voice in their Student Union. And ensuring that traditionally marginalised voices are listened to and feel represented in our union.

For all the details on my aims and what I plan to do, check out my full manifesto below!

Serene's Blog

Keep updated with the goings on and important work that Serene is doing by taking a look at her/their blog!

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