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Our aim is to raise faithful disciples who are unashamed of the gospel.

One of our purpose is to equip, empower and encourage students all across the globe with the word of God.

We understand that university is a new experience for most students and many encounter experiences that could potentially  mark them for life. 

We aim to support students on this journey by encouraging  them to be and walk in who God has called them to be, so that they may arise for the salvation of others whilst working at their salvation.

We don't just share the word of God, we also love to share cakes, donuts, hot drinks and fruits while looking at God's word together. However due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will be meeting online on Zoom not on campus.

We meet every other Thursday from 7-9pm (twice a month).

Zoom ID: 5855863771

P.s Check out instagram page for important details - @saved_to_saveuea