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UEA love their abbreviations, whether it be on campus maps or schedules - here's what they mean!


  • ARTS 1 - Arts Building 1
  • ARTS 2 - Arts Building 2
  • BDS - Blackdale Building
  • C.HALL - Congregation Hall
  • MUS - Music Centre
  • DRA - Drama Studio
  • ECB - Edith Cavell Building
  • EFRY - Elizabeth Fry Building
  • EH - Earlham Hall
  • ITCS - Information Technology and Computing Services
  • JSC - Julian Study Centre
  • LIB - The Library
  • LSB - Lawrence Stenhouse Building
  • LT - Lecture Theatre Block
  • NEWSCI - New Science Building
  • QUEENS - Queens Building
  • REG - The Registry and Council Chamber
  • SP - Sportspark
  • TEC - The Enterprise Centre
  • TPSC - Thomas Paine Study Centre
  • UH - Union House
  • ZICER - Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research
  • CCEN - Careers Centre
  • SCVA - Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts


  • Blackboard - online learning platform. Hosts lecture notes, course materials and module information
  • e:vision - online platform where coursework and feedback is uploaded
  • Faculty - a collection of academic schools
  • Media Centre - multi-media space that hosts our student newspaper, radio station and TV societies
  • Hubs - administrative support centres. There are three hubs; Arts 1, Zicer and Elizabeth Fry
  • Portal - UEA's intranet gateway; where you can access information about UEA, resources and events
  • Student Services - a range of support services for all students

Students' Union

  • Advice Centre - impartial advisors to support students with course, housing and non-academic issues
  • Bookable Rooms - social and teaching space located upstairs in Union House
  • Hive - open social space which hosts clubs, societies, food stalls and events
  • LCR - UEA's gig and club night venue. Located in Union House
  • Scholars Bar - dedicated social space for postgraduates and mature students. Located upstairs in Union House
  • Welcome Desk - SU's reception located upstairs in Union House
  • Bar(su) - two bars know a 'Red' and 'Blue' which host regular student run events.

All rooms starting with 0 are ground floor rooms (e.g. LSB 0.18). First floors are 1 (e.g. 1.07), second floors are 2 (e.g. 2.25). 01 is basement level 1, 02 is basement level 2. Within the main teaching wall the floor level with the central walkways is floor 0. Floor 1 and 2 are above. Floor 01 and 02 are below this level.

Video Tours

Tour of UEA SU

The Scholars Bar and Scholars Kitchen is just for Mature and Postgrad students. The Scholars Kitchen is to the left of Scholars Bar. 

Lawrence Stenhouse

Have you found Lawrence Stenhouse building to be a confusing building to look around? Follow Callum, as he gets lost so you don't have to!