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uea(su)'s stance on #BlackLivesMatter

We have been late with speaking out in support of Black Lives Matter over the weekend. We understand that we have caused harm with our inaction and for that we apologise - we will do better. In no way will we be complacent in speaking out to the injustice that black people face daily and globally, as they have for centuries. At uea(su) we have a zero tolerance policy on racial discrimination and we will not stay silent.

Over the last few days, the increase in media attention on #BlackLivesMatter, in light of the murder of George Floyd and countless others, has brought the importance of anti-racism to the very forefront of our lives. It is so important for us to acknowledge that whilst this incident happened in the US, racial injustice and police brutality are not limited to just one country but are worldwide, and particularly prevalent in the United Kingdom, as seen with the recent injustice of Belly Mujinga. We should all be vigilant and supporting our Black friends, family and loved ones, always.

We want to raise the voices of Black people and stand with them in solidarity. We will stand with them hand in hand and continue to always be an ally. We also stand in solidarity with our black activist groups and societies at UEA and we are here to support you. At uea(su) we want to ensure that Black student voices are heard by the University and that you feel safe and supported within the UEA community. We as Officers will continue to educate ourselves and we encourage others to do the same. Take a stance, be an ally, support your community.

UEA Students’ Union will Eradicate Hate and stand up for #BlackLivesMatter.

"My full support goes out to the black lives matter movement in the states, it is a reminder of the importance of introspection and to think how we as individuals can help, it is also a reminder to the UK that there is a long way to go before we have achieved equality and justice and I hope to work in partnership with UEA’s future Black Student Officer (a position which is still open) to further this effort within UEA. I am happy to see that the student union have come out in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. Solidarity when times are difficult is the only way to practice allyship, I am glad to see we have an ally and the student union.

Fighting racism starts at home, here I refer you to the list produced by the student union with both organisations to donate to and materials to read. But allyship at a time like this can be as simple as having conversations with your family and friends about the Black Lives Matter movement to raise awareness in your own social circles. I also wish to press upon you the importance of listening to black people and about the struggles they face throughout this trouble and to remember to keep in sight our shared aims of equality and justice."

Serene Shibli - People Of Colour (Open Place) Officer 2020/21


Black Lives Matter is a global organisation in the US, UK, and in Canada. You can donate directly to the movement here.

The Bail Project is an organisation set up to financially support protesters with the cost of bailing them out after being arrested which you can find here.

Bailout Support for Minneapolis Protestors is to support the individuals that have protested the murder of George Floyd. You can donate here.


Campaign Zero has a 10 point plan on how to end police brutality - have a read here of the resource and stand with the cause.

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Report and Support

uea(su) and UEA believe that bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, assault, hate and discrimination are Never OK.

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Eradicate Hate

Eradicate Hate is a uea(su) anti-racism campaigndevised by students to address racism on campus and ensure that students of colour are properly supported.

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In addition to our statement of solidarity on behalf of uea(su) 2019/20 officer team and 2020/21 officer team, we want to highlight what you can all do as individuals to learn, recognise privilege you may have, and support others.

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