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Postgraduate(su) Assembly and Voice


Postgraduate Assembly, Committee, and Student Voice

We want to make sure that the voice of postgraduate students is heard louder and clearer within decision making at UEA. The Postgraduate Assembly is open to all postgraduates and will discuss issues and policies to ensure that decisions affecting postgraduates are made by postgraduates.


The Postgraduate Assembly will meet at least once per semester, where there will be the opportunity to speak to your elected student leaders, ask questions, and for all to be involved in the decision-making on what Postgraduate SU are doing. This is also an avenue for students to be able to send policy recommendations to Union Council. Keep an eye out for this years dates, and come along!


The Postgraduate Committee, which is elected by the Assembly at the start of the academic year, is made up of six elected postgraduate representatives and four of the full-time elected officers, as well as the PG Trustee who sits on the SU Board. The Committee take part in decisions on allocating the Postgraduate SU budget, organising events and campaigns, and use of the Graduate Centre.

The past year the committee split up their budget in the following ways:

  • Events and Activities
  • PG Fund
  • Campaigns and Other

They also sit on the student union's Union Council, allowing them to change SU decisions at the highest levels. 


There are multiple other positions for Postgraduates to be represented in various forums and to make sure the PG Student Voice is heard. This includes the Faculty Convenors (4 positions, 1 for each faculty - HUM, SCI, FMH, SSF), and the Postgraduate Trustee.


For detailed descriptions of each role, check out the role descriptions info pack here!


Postgraduate Community Elections 2023/24

At the beginning of the Autumn Semester each year, we run the Postgraduate Commmunity Elections to elect students for the student representation roles, including the following: 

  • Postgraduate Commitee Members (6 positions; 2 places reserved for those who identify as women, 2 places reserved for Postgraduate Researchers, and 2 open places for any PG student)
  • Postgraduate Trustee 
  • Postgraduate Faculty Convenors (4 positions; HUM, FMH, SSF, and SCI)

For detailed descriptions of each role, check out the role descriptions info pack here!


There is also a by-election at the beginning of the 2nd semester in January/February in order to try and fill any vacant roles. 

The 2023/24 PG Committee:

If you want to speak to the Postgraduate Committee, or if you would like to find out more about these roles or the Committee's work, please email the SU Voice team.

Your Postgraduate Representatives 2023/24:


Postgraduate Trustee - Oluwafemi Adeyemi -


Postgraduate Facutly Convenors:

SSF - (vacant)

HUM - (vacant)

FMH - (vacant)

SCI - Elana Fraser -


Postgraduate Assembly Dates for 2023/24 Academic Year

The first PG Assembly of the year was held on Tuesday the 21st of November 2023! It was held in Bookable Room 6 (upstairs in Union House), from 4 - 6pm.

The second PG Assembly of the year is TBA.

Assembly Issues

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Postgraduate Election Rules

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Past Agendas and Minutes

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