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UEA Marow, in affiliation with the Anthony Nolan charity, helps find donors for those with blood cancer. Our main goal is to get as many students of UEA onto the register as possible. 

Across the country, Marrow groups have helped contribute 1/4 donors to the bone marrow transplant register. This is an incredible achievement, and we plan on doing even better this year. 

Throughout the year we will be running fundraisers, donor drives, socials and meetings. This is a fantastic society to be a part of because your contribution will most likely save a person's life, and give them a second chance.

Each year nearly 18,000 people, age 0 - 74 years, might benefit from a potentially life-saving bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant; could you help save someone? 

As well as being a charity, we are also a society. This means we wil be having many socials and fun get togethers over the year. Being part of a society is a really important part of being a student and we would love it if we could be part of your student life here at UEA. 

For any information or queries, feel free to email us at


UEA Marrow Committee for 2020-21:

President: Cleo Kitromilidou 

Vice-President & Union Council Rep: Laetitia Jervis 

Secretary & Publicity Officer: Lia Racovita

Treasurer and Equality & Diversity Officer: Emily Holden 

Health and Safety Officer & Fundraising Officer: Elena Kakouri