Animal Appreciation


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Welcome to UEA Animal Appreciation Society!


We all love animals and we thought that there should be a society that focusess on bringing like-minded people together.


What sort of activites will we be running?

- We hope to start running animal themed social events.

- Trips to wildlife centres.

- Watching animal documentaries.

- Fundrasing for animal charities.


We will be happy to answer any questions on instagram.

Instagram - @ueaanimalappreciationsoc


Hope to meet you all soon!


COMMITTEE 2023-2024

President - Imogen Clunie

Secretary - Marianne Adamson

Treasurer - Ellen Chatters

Publicity & Events - Niamh Hendy

Health & Safety Officers - Lauren Clark and Isobel Banks 

Equality and Diversity Officer - Nuha Chowdury