Alumni Stories: Women in Tech – Moving Beyond Mentoring to Allyship and Sponsorship

Wednesday 29 March 2023, 3pm - 4pm


To mark Women’s History Month, UEA SU and CareerCentral are celebrating connection and the influence of supportive women mentors for early career-starters with an inspiring Q&A with businesswoman and UEA alumni, Rebecca Houghton (she/her).
After leaving UEA with a degree in English Literature, Rebecca charted a path into the tech industry where she’s been working for twenty years. Leading the consumer Community Support team at Microsoft, she now specialises in technical project management and digital community strategy. Rebecca highlights the mentorship she received from other businesswomen at the start of her career as pivotal to her success, and is an advocate for mentoring and sponsorship to help early career-starters identify their strengths and move forward into their chosen sector.
During the session Rebecca will cover the following topics, followed by a Q&A:
• How far we’ve come: what it was like starting out as a woman in tech 20 years ago; what’s changed and what hasn’t.
• Mentorship vs. sponsorship: the importance of connection and allyship, and the women who helped to identify her strengths and moved her, an English Major, into a high-tech role.
• Moving forward: what to expect from a career in tech, including the shifting focus to AI, the importance and process for finding a sponsor, and what working in the USA has taught her about advocating for herself.

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