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Officers and Convenors

Officers and Convenors

Meet the people elected to stand up for your interests, represent you across academic meetings in the SU and the University, and lead change in your education.


Your Education Officers are elected annually to represent the SU on all academic issues. These Officers lead the Course Reps system, work with Convenors to shape the Union's priorities relating to your School, and represent you at UEA-level meetings, such as Learning and Teaching Committee.

Find out more from your Education Officers below!

Undergraduate Education Officer

Taylor Sounes Meet Taylor

Postgraduate Education Officer

Elise Page Meet Elise



Convenors lead change across your School and Faculty, representing you at the highest level in academic meetings. They work with your Course Reps to promote your views and ideas, and make sure that all students are getting the best from their education. They also sit on Education Committee and Union Council.

Your School and Faculty Convenors for 22/23 are:

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Faculty of Medicine and Health

FMH Undergraduate Faculty Convenor - Vacant

FMH Postgraduate Faculty Convenor - Vacant

MED School Convenor - Mikey Umney 

HSC School Convenor - James Kelly 


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

HUM Undergraduate Faculty Convenor - Max Wrigley

HUM Postgraduate Faculty Convenor - Vacant

AMA School Convenor - Hebe Chow

HIS School Convenor - Isla Harris

IIH School Convenor - Vacant

LDC School Convenor - Vacant

PPL School Convenor - Syed Hamza


Faculty of Science

SCI Undergraduate Faculty Convenor - Vacant 

SCI Postgraduate Faculty Convenor - Elana Fraser

BIO School Convenor - Emily Chiu

CHE School Convenor - Henry Harrison 

CMP School Convenor - Seb Taylor

ENG School Convenor - Vacant

ENV School Convenor - Noah Tozer

MTH School Convenor - Vacant

NAT School Convenor - Emma Smith

PHA School Convenor - Patryk Szalanski


Faculty of Social Sciences

SSF Undergraduate Faculty Convenor - Stefan-Andrei Ciobanu

SSF Postgraduate Faculty Convenor - Vacant

DEV School Convenor - Aaliyah Tellez Estrada

ECO School Convenor - Sweta Tailor

EDU School Convenor - Ella Thornton

LAW School Convenor - Sammy Au

NBS School Convenor - Prakrita Rahman

PSY School Convenor - Charlotte 'Lottie' Miller

SWK School Convenor - Vacant