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Mission Statement:
We believe that everyone has the right to live, study and work in a safe and supportive environment. That everybody is free from abuse, harassment and/or assault. We strive to promote a safe campus and safe city.


“We all share a responsibility to create and maintain a safe, inclusive and welcoming culture on campus. Students and staff have the right to study, live and socialise in a safe community and as Vice Chancellor of UEA, I pledge to provide clear leadership and support for our Never Ok campaign.”
- Professor David Richardson

Never OK aims to:

  • To foster a culture where there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment, violence or hate crime against anyone.
  • To enable frank, open and honest discussion about issues and provide clear signposting to training and support for all.
  • To support and engage with our wider communities beyond the campus to challenge negative behaviour and promote a safe culture for all.


uea(su) has zero tolerance towards:

  • Sexual assault and harassment.  Unwelcome sexual advances, verbal, written or physical contact without consent.
  • Hate Crimes. Physical or verbal abuse towards a person or property based on the victims real or perceived race, religion, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Relationships/Domestic Abuse. Emotional or physical behaviour by a person in a relationship to control another.
  • Harassment and Bullying. Any unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended.
  • Honour crimes, FGM, Forced Marriages.  Enforced activities, including marriage, mutilation or violence against women.


Zero Tolerance:
uea(su) is committed to providing a safe environment to all students, staff and visitors. The University promises to thoroughly investigate all reports of inappropriate behaviour and conduct, and will implement recommendations and/or actions in line with the disciplinary policy, equality and diversity policies, and contract of employment.

Unconsenting Media:


Unconsenting Media is a database which aims to provide information about sexual assault in TV and movies.

Get Support from UEA

Sometimes the feeling that sexual harassment is acceptable or not serious, might/could hold you back from reporting incidents. Sexual harassment is Never OK. Here at UEA, specialist advice services are available to support students.

Counselling services
The University counselling service is part of Student Services and their aim is to enable students to achieve both their academic and personal goals by providing confidential counselling and support for any difficulties encountered while at UEA.  Reception: 01603 592651

Academic advisors
If incidents happen in your lectures or seminars, it is important that you report them. Your adviser is someone you can go to with any problem, academic or not. You will, for instance, discuss your coursework marks and progress with your Adviser, and you can ask for their advice if you have any other problems. You should be aware that your Adviser is unlikely to be a trained counsellor so if s/he is unable to help you with a particular matter, he/she will be able to suggest who else you might be able to go to in the University for help and support.

Get Support from uea(su)

Advice Service
The Union Advice Service provides an independent, free and confidential service open to all UEA students.The Advice Workers understand that sometimes the things that have an impact on your wellbeing also have an impact on your studies. They can offer confidential non-judgmental support and advice on a wide range of matters, including personal issues, employment, academic and housing advice. Like Academic advisers they are not trained counsellors but they will listen to your story, discuss your options with you and support you in any decisions you make.The Advice Service is based in Union House, and you can contact them in the following ways:

  • Come to the Advice Service reception, at the Hive Info point. Reception is open from 9am to 5pm for information and to make appointments

  • Email:

  • Phone 01603 593463


UEA Nightline
Whatever is on your mind, talk to Nightline. Nightline is run for students, by students, and you can talk to them about anything you like. Often, people feel that what they are experiencing isn’t serious or important enough to talk to someone about it. Nightline is here for you no matter what is going on.Nightline volunteers are trained to listen to you and find information you are looking for. Nightline is confidential, and a safe place to share how you are feeling. They are open 8pm-8am every night in term-time.

Facebook - UeaNightLine
Skype - norwichnightline
Website -
Email -
Tel: 01603 503504
Text: 07794924366

Good Night Out

Here at the Union we believe that every student has the right to have a good night out without experiencing sexual harassment. This is why we have trained all our bar and security staff to deal with incidents of sexual harassment.

These incidents can range from groping, grabbing, sexually aggressive behaviour, stalking, humiliating conduct, homophobia or transphobia. We understand that bar and security staff are often the first point of call for students when incidents happen.

We have trained all senior bar / venue and shop managers in the Good Night Out training, equipping them to deliver the training throughout the year. We are hope to make this campaign sustainable, ensure it has a maximum long-term impact. For more information about Good Night Out, please contact Nathan Wyatt - Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer.

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