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Welfare Campaigns

As an SU, looking after and improving the welfare of our students is a central objective.

Our welfare campaigns are all about making our students safer and happier on campus and beyond.

Faith and Spirituality Support

At UEA we seek to build a multi-faith and multi-spirituality community where people of all faiths, all spiritualities and none can feel safe, welcomed and free to practice their faith. We have 12 societies for many different faiths, and the University also runs a Multi-Faith Centre, which provides a safe space for students of all faiths and all spiritualities as well as a large variety of events.

BAME Safe Space

New for the 2018/19 Academic Year we are introducing a BAME Safe Space: a drop-in for BAME students at UEA to share experiences in a safe and supportive environment facilitated by BAME volunteers. 


Confirmed dates:

Thursday 17th January 6-8pm in bookable room 5

Thursday 24th January 6-8pm in bookable room 5

Thursday 14th February 6-8pm in bookable room 5

Thursday 28th February 6-8pm in bookable room 5

Wednesday 6th March 1-3pm in bookable room 2

Thursday 7th March 6-8pm in bookable room 5

Thursday 14th March 6-8pm in bookable room 5

Thursday 4th April 6-8pm in bookable room 5


If you are interested in volunteering for the space as a facilitator please contact James Barker, Student Engagement Coordinator (Liberation, Equality and Diversity):


UEA Students Union are taking a stand against the notion that sexual assault does not happen on campus at UEA, by participating in the national #StandByMe campaign to improve support for student survivors of sexual assault and rape.

We work in the community

There is support for students

We're challenging policy locally and nationally 

Sign the UEA Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign Petition

Muslim Prayers

Hello and As-salamu 'alaykum – we are your Students' Union and we are here to represent you. We hope you can use this page to find the information you’re looking for – we work closely with ISOC to make sure your rights are heard and protected, keep coming back to this page for updates on what’s going on!

Tips on what to do during Ramadan and discounts in the shop

Preventing Prevent

‘Prevent’ is a government initiative ostensibly aimed at stopping the rise of ‘extremism’ and the radicalisation of young people through monitoring processes in schools and Universities.

In principle, the current government, and its predecessors that introduced the programme have argued that Prevent is intended to tackle all aspects of political extremism and radicalisation and is not intended to specifically target any group of people or individual belief systems or ideologies.

However, we believe there is significant evidence that this is not the case, and that the legislation itself is directly and disproportionately impacting upon Muslims and leading to their victimisation and harassment on campuses across the country.

The shift in focus of Prevent in the recent counter-extremism bill from violent to non-violent ‘extremism’ is particularly worrying and risks clamping down on divergent views, religious practices and beliefs not deemed ‘moderate’ as well as campus activism.

That is why we are joining with the National Union of Students and opposing the Prevent agenda and seeking to raise awareness of the Prevent initiative at UEA and the rights of students in relation to it, as well building networks of students to resist Islamophobia on campus.

Light Up Campus

We are constantly striving to make UEA the safest campus it can be. Studies have shown that one of the contributing factors to feeling unsafe in public is dark public spaces, so we are launching a new campaign to find out where on campus you feel unsafe. Take the survey below to help make your campus safer.

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