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hi from your 22-23 cmp soca, Thara!

From a very young age, through experiences both subtle and obvious, I realized that the world was unfair to people of color and that no matter what I did, how many degrees I possess, or how much I earned, I would always be treated differently and need to fight twice as hard as everyone else to earn my place in the society purely because of how I “look”.

Instead of letting this fact carve my path, I decided to take matters into my own hands and write my own destiny, one that is not tarnished by biases and bigotry. Fortunately, through all the trials and tribunals, I had a strong support system in the form of my family and friends that applauded my small wins and held my hand through every fall. It was the realization that not every fellow member of my community would have this privilege that inspired me to apply for this role


I wish to represent all those who wish to be seen or heard but do not have the courage to do so due to fear of discrimination and help them break out of the limits and inhibitions that society has set for them. A major factor that affects the employability and degree gap within the student of color community is the communication barrier that they often face, which then translates to all areas of their life and strips them of a sense of belonging. This is the gap I hope to bridge throughout the course of the year. Within the department, I would like to create a safe space for everyone to share their opinions and discover as well as help them overcome the challenges that they’re facing. Here’s to an enriching and amazing year ahead…