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hi from your 22-23 dev soca, Kyra!

Hi! My name is Kyra Thompson, and I’m a third-year student studying International Development with Politics. I’m excited to be working as a Student of Colour Ambassador, to support current and future DEV students. 

International Development is a degree that largely focuses on learning about regions where there are predominantly people of colour, and for students of colour in DEV, it can be difficult to navigate these sensitive topics. This is especially due to the lack of representation in the reading lists, lecturers, and guest speakers, where people of colours’ voices are largely missing. This is something which I’ve struggled with as a 1st year student, and it’s important for me and Busra (DEV SOCA) to create a safe space where students of colour can feel represented and comfortable to share their challenges. 

Our main priorities are not only to create spaces of affirmation and solidarity for students of ‘Afro-Caribbean’ heritage, but to also expand on the experiences of those from ‘Middle-Eastern’ and ‘Asian’ heritage. We hope to explore this by providing more cultural celebrations, safe spaces, and listen to suggestions of improvements from these students. 

I’m looking forward to work together with Busra to continue the progression of decolonising our curriculum for DEV students!