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Serene Shibli Sexton


Democracy Review Update

Hi everyone, as you are aware, I finish my role as your 'Campaigns and Democracy' Officer after two incredible years today. 

Before I leave, I want to update you on my biggest manifesto point: the Democracy Review.

To provide some context, over the last year I have visited several SUs to learn about their structures. I have also worked with multiple individuals to plan different structures, ensuring that your student voice is at the heart of them. 

In March during the election period, the preferenda took place, which engaged 750 of you - which to see was a fantastic outcome. I just want to emphasise that I am so grateful to have been able to start this process and am looking forward to seeing the implementation of the structure from afar. 

Prior to Covid-19, I was planning on re-writing the bye-laws and present a policy proposal at the final Union Council of the year so that the implementation of the review could be started at the beginning of the academic year 2020-21. However, due to Covid-19 related barriers, this has not been possible, but I am handing this work over to my wonderful successor, Hamish Williams, who will do a fantastic job to implement this.  

To remind you on the outcome, I have provided a link to the model you selected during the preferenda. You voted for a more engaging approach where it would be easier for you to get involved and understand the variety of changes that take place. 

Prior to the above changes happening, there will also be further insight into the officer roles to ensure that the representation your student union has reflects the student body. 

Finally, I am so proud of this piece of work that I have been able to achieve in collaboration with you all. It has been an honour to serve as your Campaigns and Democracy Officer for the last two years. 


Sophie (Campaigns and Democracy Officer 2018-20) 


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