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And… We are live!

Committee elections are now live and nominations opened on Monday 6th April and will continue until Sunday 19th April. In the midst of all this chaos you might think, why should I worry about committee elections now?

Even though that is a good question I would love to point out a few of things. Firstly, this chaos won’t be here forever and we are hoping next year we can come back stronger than ever and committee members will have a massive impact on the student experience. Secondly, now more than ever it is essential to have great skills and a good looking CV if you want to get employers attention! Having a committee position on your CV will prove you have leadership and organisational skills amongst other things – standing out is always helpful! Lastly, it only really takes 2 minutes to nominate yourself and, who knows, you might end up leading a group of 100 people!

Each club or society committee might be slightly different in some positions so make sure you check with the current committee on what role might be best suited for you – you might find a new passion for finances or risk assessments. In general, all student groups should have: a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Health and Safety Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer and a Union Council Rep.  On top of that, many will have common roles such as Social secs or Publicity officers, but make sure you ask for the full list!

All the information about elections (including timeline) and handover can be found here.

If you have any questions on elections please feel free to contact me on !

Much love,

Ali x


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