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Joshua Margand

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At uea(su) we believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming space for all. As a student-led organisation, we ensure all voices are heard – to create and maintain a safe, welcoming space.

As a democratic, membership organisation, you – the members - elect student representatives who lead and shape the organisation and what we do for students. As a student of UEA you are automatically a member of the students’ union and have the right to vote in our elections. This may be for:

  • Your course rep
  • Your faculty rep (known as a Convenor)
  • The 5 full-time sabbatical student officers
  • The 17 of part-time volunteer student officers
  • Your club or society committee

Many of our part-time officer roles specifically represent marginalised or oppressed groups that we call ‘liberation’ groups. In order to vote for one of these roles, you must self-identify as belonging to that group, so we need to know how you self-identify in order to make sure you are eligible to vote. We also have roles that specifically represent students from backgrounds underrepresented in higher education, such as mature students and international students, so you will need to let us know if you identify with those groups too.

We will also use the data – but it will be anonymous - to help us measure the impact of our services.

If you want to change your selections at any time, you can just log back in to your profile and reselect the appropriate categories. Please note these definitions are not for equal opportunities monitoring – they align specifically to our officer roles which you can find more information about here.

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