At uea(su), we want to give you opportunities to get more from university and equip you with skills and experiences to help you after you graduate!

Thats why we're making it easy for you to find a volunteering project that works for you! Whether you're volunteering on one of our different programmes, such as DSD Ambassadors or Buddy(su) Ambassadors, or you're part of a student committee or course rep, each comes with its own different opportunities to develop further. 

There really are so many reasons to volunteer whilst at university! It can be so rewarding, and gives you the unique opportunity to make a difference to people's live, the local community or the student community.

It's also a great way to look after your own wellbeing and mental health, a way to help manage your stress, reduce isolation, improve confidence and social skills, and giving you an amazing sense of perspective on life!

And of course, you can boost so many skills, such as time management, dedication and committment to an opportunity, and proves that you are happy to get involved in the wider world and help others. Each volunteeting role teaches you certain skills as well, for example running a society social media account will improve your communication and marketing skills, or helping plan and run activities for a charity event will develop your organisational, teamwork and patience skills. 

Basically, volunteering is not only a wonderful experience, but a great way of boosting your CV and having so much to talk about in job interviews beyond your degree!

If you’re volunteering in any way at all, you should also definitely be logging your hours with the UEA Award. By doing this, you can see exactly how you’ve developed during your time at UEA, which will make you really attractive to employers. What’s more, you can get rewards for taking part in the UEA Award!