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Welcome to Indonesian Society!! Selamat Datang!

In the Indonesian society, we welcome people from everywhere! Whether you want to experience a new culture and cuisine, or you want to feel at home with your people as Indonesians who live and study abroad, IndoSoc is willing to welcome you with open arms. Join our society for fun, heartwarming events, intimate cooking gatherings and many more! 

Here are a list of events we're likely to hold this year that we want you to be a part of! 

1) Meet and Greet
2) Cooking & Dinner Sessions
3) Christmas Dinner
4) Chinese New Year Dinner
5) GoGlobal
6) Annual BBQ in Spring
7) Annual General Meeting

These are just a few out of many more. There will be lots of fun, food and party waiting for you and your friends! Thank you and see you soon!

Terima Kasih dan Sampai Jumpa!

President – Theresia Natalie Linaksita
Vice President - Jeffry Teagan
Treasurer – Alvian Marviano Hindrianto
Health and Safety Officer – Ryan Danielas

Equality & Diversity Officer – Sydney Widjaja 
Events & Socials Officer – Muhammad Rafif 
Wellbeing Officer – Christabel Sembiring
Student Council Representative – Hubert Chua
If you need further details or have some queries, don't hesitate to reach out to our insta @ indosoc_uea !