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Welcome to UEA Art Society


What do we do at UEA Art society?

UEA Art Society is for everyone interested in the visual arts at all ability levels. This is a fun, inclusive, judgement free zone where the only goal is to embrace YOUR individual creativity! There is no need to study art or have any previous experience! 

We host friendly and casual weekly practical sessions including life drawing sessions, and mixed media sessions which can include anything from jewellery making, to our popular Bob Ross painting sessions, to clay sculpting. Here, we create a fun and friendly space where you can socialise with other members and explore your artistic skills.


What will a UEA Art Society Membership give you access to?

By purchasing a UEA Art Society Membership you'll be provided with exclusive access to all the activities and events run by the society for the whole of the 2023/2024 academic year! This academic year our new committee are passionate about offering our members the best and most welcoming creative opportunities we can, including:

  • Weekly Art Events and Socials
  • Creative Workshops and Tutorials 
  • Arts and Culture Trips
  • Collaborations with other societies 
  • Plus other additional perks!  


What about art resources?

We will always give you advanced warning if you are required to purchase or bring along any resources for any of our sessions, however for most of our events the resources will always be provided as this is what your £5 membership will go towards! Of course, you are welcome to bring along your own resources too!

How do I purchase a UEA Art Society Membership on the UEA SU website?

Once you're signed in with your university credentials, scroll to the top of this page to 'Join - Art Standard Membership' and click the 'add to basket' button. Click on the trolley icon and 'review basket' to review the items you have in your basket. Scroll down and click on 'proceed to checkout' and follow the payment directions. You will then be sent an email receipt from the UEA SU to confirm your purchase.

Want more information?

If UEA Art Society sounds like the right society for you, please feel free to join our Facebook Group, follow us on Instagram, find us on Spotify, follow us on TikTok, and join our Discord Group! And don't forget to check this page for updates about our upcoming events and activities.

For any enquiries, email us at

Facebook group:


Discord Group Chat     




UEA Art Society Committee 2023/24:

President: Eleanor Radford (International Relations 3rd year)

Vice-President: Kyleigh Taylor (Creative Writing and English Lit 3rd year)

Treasurer: Sunny Driscoll (Politics 3rd year)

Health and Safety Officer: Gemma Fazackerley (BioMed 3rd year)

Social Secretary: open position (please contact the committee for further details) 

Welfare Officer: Amy Watson (Natural Sciences 2nd year) 

First Year Rep: CJ Wathew (Law 1st year) 

Publicity Officer: open position (please contact the committee for futher details)

Equality and Diversity Officer: open position (please contact the committee for further details)

Union Council Rep: open position (please contact the committee for further details)