UEA Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society


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The Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (MIES) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) stands as a pioneering platform dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurial acumen amongst the student body in Norwich. Rooted in the belief that the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship can drive groundbreaking progress, MIES is committed to unveiling the untapped potential of innovative ideas in the medical realm as well as other fields.

We serve as an intellectual hub where passionate students converge, exchange insights, and evolve their entrepreneurial prowess. Our diverse range of events, workshops, and speaker sessions are meticulously designed to impart entrepreneurial literacy, fostering an ecosystem where students can convert their groundbreaking medical ideas into tangible solutions.

In collaboration with leading experts from the fields of medicine, business, and technology, MIES provides its members with unique resources and mentorship opportunities. These are geared towards transforming students into future leaders who will not only shape the landscape of healthcare but also invigorate England's growing entrepreneurial scene.

For those eager to make a mark, to challenge the status quo in medicine, and to innovate for a healthier world, MIES is your springboard to greatness. Join us, and be a part of the renaissance of medical entrepreneurship in Norwich.

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