Game Design & Development


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Hello and Welcome to the UEA Game Design and Development Society SU Page!

Do you love playing video games? Have you ever thought about creating your own?
With this society, you will be able to design and develop games with others, work on solo or group projects, and have discussions about (and play!) your favourite video games.
Have no prior experience? You will have the opportunity to learn how to create games through tutorials, step-by-step example projects, and peer support.
Currently developing a project? You can ask for help or feedback on your games and showcase your projects to others.
Not a programmer? Don't worry, there are other opportunities to get involved in the game industry, such as art, music, level design, testers and more.
We will also arrange social events to get to know fellow gamers, and you may even find your next team for our monthly game jams!

In addition to video games, we also provide opportunities to create and share board games. No programming experience required for this!



- Regular society sessions to work on games

- Tutorials and other resources available to help you learn game dev processes

- Create, share and play games with other people in the society

- Game Jams are a challenge to create games in a short period of time

- Game Nights where we play games together with the potential to playtest your own games

- Social events


Committee Members 2022/3

President: Taylor Holton
Vice-President: Aaron Hurrell
Secretary: Ethan Colman
Treasurer: Kimon Fryer-Petridis
Health & Safety Officer: Matthew Shields
Events & Socials Officer: Matthew Shields
Equality & Diversity Officer: Paris Fryer-Petridis
Union Council Rep: Paris Fryer-Petridis
Game Development / Tutorials Officer: Taylor Holton
Social Media Officer: Emillija Zivojinovic
First Year Rep: N/A


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