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Welcome to Enactus!


What we stand for

ENtrepreneurial, ACTion for others, makes a better world for US all – or ENACTUS

‘Our Goal is to create and prepare the next generation of leaders.’

At Enactus we help students make their mark on the world.

Through the creation of social enterprises that enriches society and individuals, we aim to not just focus on student satisfaction – but on student happiness.

Enactus is more than a society, but a hub for businesses, and like-minded individuals to network and lead – a place to discuss ideas and be intellectually curious.

We are a national organisation throughout the UK and hold national expositions each year where we meet students from all over the UK.


What we do

If you come up with an idea for a social enterprise that directly betters an area of life (E.g., Marine Life), then we will help fund your organisation, provide manpower, and even connect you with experts in management!

Some of the ongoing social businesses consist of Happy feet (dealing with mental health) and Shirts and Stories (dealing with homelessness).

We also focus on building subsidiaries to help prepare you for leadership roles – here are a few listed below.

  1. PITCH – Pitch is an event where individuals will have a chance to show off their pitching capabilities. We will provide you with a social business plan, and you will have to sell the business to the panel! The winner will receive prizes from merchandise, to audible subscriptions – to further their knowledge.


  1. ENTALKS – ENTALKS will also take place once a month, where chosen speakers will give a presentation about techniques they use to enhance their wellness, lifestyle, and finance. These techniques can range from the books they have read, to updates on how daily rituals have affected their mindset. We will also have guest speakers discuss their routine and recommend books that helped them achieve their goals.


  1. ENACTUS DEN – Much like dragons’ den, ENACTUS DEN will be an opportunity for individuals, once a semester, to pitch their social enterprise ideas and receive funding and manpower, if successful.


ENACTUS also plans to have a weekly newsletter that will update individuals on world events, interesting news, inspirational books, and anything else that would equip individuals with the knowledge to become leaders.

Our Values

While ENACTUS encourages work-life harmony, we aim to teach responsibility, accountability, communication, and leadership. None of the above allows room for slacking – therefore, we encourage individuals to give it their all.

“Some may work hard, and some may work smart, but at ENACTUS we teach students to work hard and smart to build the best society.”

No matter the course you study, there is an entrepreneur in all of us - with transferable skills you can apply to ALL areas of life – as it is progress and achievement that are the core roots of happiness.

Our committee of presidents for 2023 - 2024:

List soon coming soon.

For any more questions and enquiries, please email us at // Start following us on instagram: @enactusuea