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About us:

We organise events and campaigns around the environment and sustainability, politics, and the Green Party.

Our actions are based on national and local Green policies but you don't have to be a member of the Green Party or even interested in politics to join and have a great time. We meet as often as possible and try to create a fun, positive and motivational atmosphere in a direct challenge to the current national political climate that is pushing young people out of politics. Make friends and help stand up for what matters.

Membership is £3 annually and goes towards transport to and the hosting of events.

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Instagram: @ueayounggreens

Facebook: @ueayounggreens


Committee 2022/2023:

President - Libby Hamson

Vice President - Anouk Jones

Treasurer - Zac Steventon-Barnes

Health & Safety - Geo Polley

Equality and Diversity - Izzy Snape

Union Council Rep - Leo Henry

Other upcoming events:

We're looking into a social at some point. Keep your eyes peeled.