Model UN


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What is Model UN? Maybe you heard about it briefly during secondary school or college and never thought about it again. Maybe you tried it once or twice many years ago, but you never stuck with it for whatever reason. Maybe you're a seasoned veteran of many international conferences with Best Delegate awards coming out of your ears. Maybe you took part in your first conference last year, a small local affair where you represented Tuvalu, earned yourself a commendation from the chair and haven't felt alive since. Whatever the case may be, the following may be of some use in encapsulating both what Model UN is, and what the experience is like for those who take part in it:

"Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is an academic or recreational activity in which participants assume the role of national ambassadors or representatives to debate and seek to solve global issues. There are few better ways of understanding international affairs and global politics than putting yourself in the shoes of world leaders"United Nations Association UK

"Model UN is essentially geopolitics combined with roleplaying. Sessions tend to include, but are not limited to, veiled threats (usually involving North Korea), amusing acronym titles for resolutions, delegates who routinely contradict their nation's own foreign policy, and people playing it either completely seriously or acting very silly"Former UEAMUN President Leo

"Learning how to do MUN is a bit like becoming a Formula One driver. Once you've figured how all the fancy bells and whistles work without crashing, you'll be jetting off at top speed in no time - and everyone watching is secretly hoping for the drama and entertainment of a massive pile-up" - Anonymous Commentator

To summarise: no matter your level of experience Model UN is a great way to improve communication and negotiation skills while engaging in current affairs. As well as being an extremely fun and CV boosting experience, members will also have the opportunity to analyse the way the UN works and develop their own opinions and ideas for solutions to the world's biggest problems - and perhaps begin to understand why the UN is finding it very difficult to solve any of them.

2023/4 Committee

President: Eve Harmer

Vice-President: Oliver Westlake


Secretary: Leo Henry

Equalities and Opportunities Officer: Lisa Poberezhniuk

Events and Socials Officer: Issie Mash

Publicity Officer and Social Media Maestro: Callum Heath

Health, Safety, and Welfare Officer: Chris Lee 

First Year Rep: Cody Butler

Union Council RepZachary Waites

Fundraising Officer: Derin Su

International Student Rep: Vanya Chellani