Hello and welcome to UEA Jewish Society!

We understand the importance of having a group of people with similar backgrounds to ourselves at university and so we aim to be an accepting society to all of those that identify as Jewish! We host socials around the year ranging from nights out at the LCR to Friday night dinners. JSoc is a welcoming and supportive society for all Jews, so feel free to email one of the committee members to get in touch or if you have any questions.

Hope to see you soon!

Lots of JSoc love :)

2022-23 Committee Members:

  • President: Samantha Lewkowicz
  • Secretary: Sophie Young
  • Treasurer: Elie Harris
  • Social Secretary: Joey Nunes-Dinerstein
  • Health and Safety Officer: Sasha Reynolds
  • Equality and Diversity Officer: Tabitha Phillips
  • Publicity Officer: Daniel Michie
  • Union Council Representative: Isaac Carrington
  • First Year Representative: Billy Alexander