Hong Kong


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Hong Kong Society aims to promote Home Kong culture and unity among the Cantonese community in UEA. We strive to enhancing each and every member's uni experience. Stay tuned for events and more :)

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Facebook page: @ueahks1920 

Instagram page: @ueahks1920

Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact any of our committee members or message our facebook page. Thank you.

We present to you our UEAHKS Committee Members of 2019-2020:
President: Nicola Chan
Course: BSc Accounting and Finance
HK Number: +852 59868765
UK Number: +44 7426311310 (Whatsapp)

External Vice President: Jay Man
Course: BSc Finance and Economics
HK Number: +852 51176900 (Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 775411970  

Internal Vice President: Zoe Leung
Course:BSc Accounting and Finance
HK Number: +852 69721285 (Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 7842409246

Treasurer : Cheng Tsz Chun
HK Number: +852 90955726  (Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 

General Secretary: Tsoi Ki Katrina Lau
Course: BSc Media and International Development
HK Number: +852 63812428  (Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 7577569796

Sports Secretary: Wong Ho Chak
Course: BSc Economics
HK Number: +852 67004305 (Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 7508553085 

Social Secretary: Leung Sze Hong
Course: BSc Pharmacy
HK Number: +852  (Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 7478260023 

Union representative: Tsang Ting Hin 
HK Number: +852 90320867(Whatsapp)
UK Number: +44 7835417224