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What we do:

UEA's Baking Society is an opportunity for those who love baking to share their bakes with one another. Throughout the year, we host workshops in our on-campus kitchen where members get to work together to experiment with different bakes, and take their creations home at the end - we love taking suggestions from members for things they'd like to try out! We also love hosting the occasional Bring Your Own Bake social, where members bake something at home to bring in, and we all share them out whilst watching a movie or playing games!


Baking Society is open to all, whether you are a seasoned baker or you are just starting out, so don't be shy! We sort members into groups of four during our workshops, and our committee members are always there to lend a hand or answer your questions, so you'll never be left on your own. We always provide a chill, friendly environment in which you can meet new people, work together, and expand your skills - our weekly workshops are always optional, so no one is expected to show up every week if you have other things on over the semester, or if something just isn't for you. This society is fun, low-commitment, and judgement-free.


We hope to see you there!

The committee:

Contact Us:

President: Holly Everson 

Vice President: Mo Abiodun

Treasurer: Charlotte Lloyd

Health and Safety Officer: Kira Totty

If you have any questions, our easiest method of contact is through our Instagram @ueabakesoc, but we are also contactable through our Facebook page, or email address .

Happy Baking!