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2022 marks the launch of Higher Common Room Records, a fully functional student record label right here at UEA!

We've been so excited about getting this up and running, and hope that it will be a fantastic opportunity for you to get your music out into the university and the wider world!

With this, we can offer members:

  • Access to our music distribution platform
  • Help with album art and release
  • Support with mastering/final mix.
  • All revenue and rights to your music.
  • Promotion of releases on our social media

The Band Membership Option is reserved for those who are a part of a band with members from outside the UEA and who want to release music through HCR Records - as of now Please, if you are interested in joining our society, do get yourself an individual membership. 

As we build, we also plan to try to build up connections with venues and event spaces in town to keep members in touch with possible local performance opportunities.

Music Production Society.

Running for a few years now, Music production Society has been, and will continue to be the place for music lovers and makers to meet, collaborate and have fun. From violin playing to 808 kick laying, we welcome anyone who is interested in making music. The journey from idea, to demo, to final mix, to master and to release can be daunting; It is also one of the most rewarding and fun things you can do. Whether you want to release your debut solo album, or just want to spend a few hours making music and having fun to get away from life's stresses, we've got you.

We will generally aim to have a meeting once a week in the music building. Feel free to come along with your laptops or use the media suite iMacs. Come and find some people to collaborate and make music with. If you're just getting started, then feel free to ask one of the committee on hand for some advice with getting started on your music-making journey, we promise it's worth it! We can also conditionally arrange the borrowing of equipment for independent projects across campus. 


Keep watching our facebook page and members emails for updates on how we will be getting you involved!

We're a society with a shared interest, and we'd love to welcome anyone into our group who is like-minded, regardless of their musical (or mixing!) preferences or ability. 

Our committee 2023-2024: 

André Weber - President

Neil Deligero - Vice-President

Elliott Smith - Social Secretary

Harry Wightman - Welfare Officer

Rebecca Brant - Head of Marketing & External Affairs

Jaime Duarte-Niemen - Head of A&R

Elias Daryani - Publicity Officer

Helen Li - Treasurer

Harry Wightman - Health and Safety Officer