January 2022 Update:


Local trips can now take place, however, please be mindful of external rules on things like public transport and external venues and make sure that you abide by these. International student group travel can now be approved.


We have recently created a Student Groups International Travel Guide which has taken effect from January 2022. The key points are:


• External trip providers are your priority

• Research both the requirements for testing upon arrival at your destination and the requirements for testing upon returning to the UK

• Check coronavirus rates in the UK and travel destination

• Organise robust travel insurance that covers you for Covid

• You mustn’t fly if you can get there via an alternative method

• Complete a Trip Request Form


Our Student Groups International Travel Guide can now be accessed both in the Policy Store of the Committee Hub and here.

Trips are a great way to keep your members engaged with your society and provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a social or educational activity. 
We encourage all of our societies and clubs to run trips where they can. To make it as easy as possible, we have included some steps below.


Where would you like to go?

Discuss with your club or society about where you would like to go. Research different places depending on the purpose for your trip. Is there anything you would like to achieve? i.e, a certain type of activity or to bring your club or society closer together?

When would you like to go?

Once you have decided on your location, decide on suitable date for your trip, making sure it gives you enough preparation time. We would recommend at least a month.

Who would like to go?

Gather an idea of numbers of people who are interested in your trip. Some travel companies need a minimum number of people you need to pay for and therefore you want to make sure you are able to do this.

How are you going to get there?

Research your transport. If your trip has a small amount of people attending, it is always a good idea to start with public transport such as the bus or train. This way, you are able to tell your attendees which tickets to buy and a time and place to meet.

If you’re travelling as a larger group or going a long way, you may want to look into hiring a coach. We recommend asking for a quote from a few different companies so that you can find the cheapest option. We recommend the following coach companies:

If you're travelling in a small group you might be thinking about hiring a minibus. This is a bit of a longer process and you'll need to meet certain criteria due to the higher risks involved in driving.

Sports clubs can hire a minibus from UEA+Sport by contacting Joe Skeet at

Societies will need to book their own minibuses. We recommend the following hire companies:

If you are travelling in a small group and one of you has a car you're willing to drive, that is absolutely fine. You will need to have a full driving licence and be covered by your own insurance to drive other students on a trip.

We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and therefore you are not permitted to fly to your destination if there is another feasible travel method. Please contact Alys Elvin on if you wish to discuss further.

Any hire fees or mileage you pay from your own money for a society or club trip can be claimed back from your subs account. Please contact our Finance Team on for information on how to do this.



How much will you charge for the trip?

Decide how much you are going to charge for your trip, taking into consideration how much it will cost you to put the trip on. Please be aware that the finance team will not pay any invoices if there are insufficient funds in your subs account. Details on how to arrange with finance to pay an invoice can be found here.  


Create an event on the website for people to buy their tickets. 

Create an event so that attendees can pay for the trip. Ensure to collect information from attendees before the trip such as if they have any medical conditions, allergies and information of what you should do in case of an emergency. Please also ensure that you ask them for an emergency contact.

For more information on how to upload an event to the website, please click here. 


Complete your risk assessment and trip form.

Complete a risk assessment form here and a trip form here. Please send your risk assessment and trip form at least a week before your trip to Alys on to be approved. If this is for an International Trip, please submit these to Adam Roche on and James Raywood on (Sports Clubs only) at least 10 weeks before your trip to be approved. Your trip form will then be sent to the security lodge.

You can use the Hazard Mitigation 'Cheat Sheet' here to help you complete your risk assessment.

The Risk Assessment should cover all your activities and consider risks such as:

  • Participants getting lost
  • Participants becoming ill
  • Allergies
  • Loss or theft of items
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Coronavirus 

Your Trip Form should include information such as:

  • Whether you have a trip provider organising the trip with you
  • Whether you have arranged travel insurance
  • Your participant’s names and next of kin details - this is very important


Enjoy your trip!

You should now be all set for a great trip! We hope you enjoy it and make sure you take lots of pictures to share with us.