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food at events

Food At Events

You may wish to incorporate food at your event in some way, for example giving out food to attendees, or selling food to make money for your student group. If you are looking to incorporate food into your event, please read our guidelines on food distrubution and preparation for student groups below.

Where can you serve food?

  • No food can be served in UEA rooms apart from small, cold, pre packaged snacks. This means no hot food, takeaways, or homemade food can be given out at events taking place in UEA rooms. UEA Rooms include any rooms on campus that aren't in Union House. 
  • Food, including hot food, takeaways, homemade food, as well as small, cold, pre-packaged snacks, can be served in UEA SU rooms (Bookable Rooms, Hive Stalls, LCR). 


Food Hygiene Certificates


  • Individuals preparing food for distribution at club or society events taking place in a Bookable Room, Hive Stall, LCR or at a BBQ must have a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate. There is no specific Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate needed; any that you find online is fine. They usually cost between £10-£20, and you can claim back this cost from your club or society via the expenses365 app if committee agree to this.
  • A Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate is not needed for events in Bookable Rooms if individuals will be eating their food only, and not sharing food with others. This is the same for BBQ's.