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Welcome to UEA Karate 2023/24


UEA Karate is a mixed style karate club with beginners all the way up to Nidan level. Karate is a martial art that has spanned over hundreds of years and is practiced worldwide. We focus on self-defence and competition karate alongside more traditional styles. We welcome all styles and all abilities. We are both a KUGB and Blitz affiliated Karate club. 

Taster Sessions:

Our FREE taster sessions are:

Sunday 24/09 - 20:00-22:00 Cong Hall 01.20

Tuesday 26/09 - 18:00-20:00 Cong Hall 01.19

Sunday 01/10 - 20:00-22:00 Cong Hall 01.20

Tuesday 03/10 - 18:00-20:00 Cong Hall 01.19

Please grab a free ticket in order to attend! We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

Training Sessions:

Tuesday 18:00-20:00 Cong Hall 01.19

Sunday 20:00-22:00 Cong Hall 01.20

All training sessions are held by the committee and our instructor Sam (Nidan, Qualified Karate Coach). Throughout the year we will also be hosting guest instructors from outside clubs as well as holidng self defence classes, weapons classes and many more martial arts based events. Check back and follow us on social media for more details.

There is a whatsapp groupchat (please ask the committee to be added) in order to keep all members up to date with any last minute changes to training. We encourage you to check this and our social media accounts before attending each session as some events may impact training times.

Health and Safety

To purchase a UEA Karate membership you will have to also purchase a SAM membership for £55. This is a UEA Sport membership and covers insurance,  equiptment and lots of other things that helps to keep the club a safe environment to train in. 

All members without a prexisitng (IN DATE) license to a previous martial arts club must purchase a KUGB licence to train with UEA Karate. This is a uniform measure across any reputable martial arts club nationwide. A martial arts license protects you in the event of you incurring an injury or to you causing one in self-defence outside of a dojo. You will be unable to train and also compete without a valid licence. If you are a new member the price for a year’s licence through KUGB is £30, you can apply for a licence here Licenses will be checked after the first month of training, past this time any members without licenses will be turned away as a matter of health and safety. Please make sure you have one!

All training will take place with the appropriate matts and kits under the supervision of Sam our qualified Nidan karate coach. 

All members wanting to participate in Kumite (fighting) MUST have a gumsheild. We occassionally sell these on the SU website at a discounted price from Blitz as we are affiliated with them however there is no requirement to purchase one with us, you can find a suitable one in most reputable sports retailers. If you do not have a gumsheild you will not be able to train to the full extent and may miss out.

Other Kit is also available to purchase for discounted prices on the SU website at different times in the year examples include: gi's (karate suit), mitts, groin and chest guards ect. 


To keep up to date with our socials make sure to check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will be having our annual welcome social at the SU bar at the start of the new semester, more details will follow this nearer the time. We will often go to the SU bar after training on a Tuesday evening as well, this is a great oppertunity to get to know people in a much more relaxed setting!

In previous years we have had many successful socials both alcoholic and non-alcoholic such as our halloween martial arts bar crawl, I do martial arts get me out of here sports night, Games nights, Bowling and many more!

Competitions and BUCS:

At UEA Karate we pride ourselves on our competitve and team spirit alongside our great performance at competitions. UEA Karate competes at the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) every year. In 2020 we received 2 medals, and in 2023 we recieved another! In 2022/23, we visted a competition in Clacton and recieved 5 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals, we hope to bring home many more in the upcoming year! All members are encouraged to attend and try competions whether that means a small interclub competiton or a much bigger event suhc as BUCS. For more information about upcoming competions please talk to any of the committee. 


If you have any questions about any of the information posted here, or anything that has not been covered, please contact us via any of the methods below. Usually, it is best to e-mail personal e-mail accounts rather than the club account as they are more regularly monitored. If you do not here from us within 48 hours, please message our instagram page also linked below and a committee member will handle your query as quickly as possible.

Club email:

Instagram- ueakarate

Twitter- ueakarate

More helpful info in our Linktree

Committee 2023/24:

President: Zara Williams (

Vice President and Union Council Representative: Ernest Blas (

Secretary: Athena Yu (

Treasurer: Honor Joiner (

Health & Safety Officer: Milo Copp (

Publicity Officer: Charlotte Stephens (



Additional Cost of Sport Ranges

The additional cost of sport project, which was created by the Students’ Union, alongside uea+sport, is designed to give prospective members information on the range of costs they may face in joining their chosen sport.

This range should be taken as guidance. For compulsory costs, this price includes uea+sport membership which is £55, and you only need to pay once to join all of our clubs.

When considering additional costs, some clubs may have none and others may have further costs. This is often dependent on the level of competitiveness for the sport you get involved in, and so recreational or socially playing may be cheaper. You may also have equipment which can be used between multiple sports, for example shoes or gum shields.

For any questions, please ask the sport club for specific further information, or for further information on the project.

Many thanks,

Luke Johnson

Your Activities & Opportunities Officer 23/24


Karate Taster Session
Cong Hall 01.20
Karate Taster Session
Cong Hall 01.19
Come and give Karate a go!