The General Election is fast approaching on 4th July 2024, and it's crucial that students' voices are heard by all politicians. At uea(su), we're committed to ensuring that as many students as possible participate in this election.

On this page, you can also learn more about the NUS campaigns we're supporting: Turn Up and the Manifesto for our Future.

Register to Vote:

To vote in the 2024 General Election, you must be registered by the 18th of June 11.59pm.

You can register here: Register to vote - GOV.UK (

You can register if you are a British or an Irish citizen or:

  • A Commonwealth citizen.
  • Citizen of Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal or Spain.
  • Citizen of another EU country, if you have had permission to enter or stay - or not needed permission - since 31 December 2020, and this has continued without a break.

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to vote, NUS have developed a tool so you can check: Can I Vote Tool

You can be registered at both your termtime and home residencies, but you can only vote at one. This gives you further agency in deciding the outcome of the election through tactical voting decisions.

How to Vote:

There are three ways you can vote in the General Election:

  • In person at a polling station.
  • Postal Vote.
  • Proxy (someone else votes for you).

You vote in person at a polling station, which are open from 7am until 10am on election day (usually in a public building, such as a school or local hall). You can find this information at: Find your polling station | Where Do I Vote?

This will require you bringing appropriate ID. These are listed here: How to vote: Voting in person - GOV.UK (

You can vote by post if:

  • You’re away from home.
  • you’re abroad and want to vote in England, Scotland or Wales.

You do not need to give a reason unless you’re voting in Northern Ireland.

It’s very easy to do, just follow the instructions on the postal ballot.

You can apply online or by post for a postal vote and must have registered beforehand.

These are deadlines that you must meet:

England, Scotland, or Wales: 5pm on 19th June.

Northern Ireland: 5pm on 14th June.

To apply for a postal vote online: Apply for a postal vote - GOV.UK (

To apply for a postal vote by post: Apply for a postal vote (paper forms) - GOV.UK (

If you are unable to vote yourself, you can ask someone to vote on your behalf, this is called a ‘proxy vote’.

You might not be able to make the polling station due to personal commitments or difficulties, and so will have to register for a proxy. Your proxy must also be registered to vote in the UK.

You can apply online for a proxy vote, as explained here:  Apply for a proxy vote - GOV.UK (

You can also apply by post: Proxy voting application forms - GOV.UK (

These are deadlines that you must meet:

England, Scotland, or Wales: 5pm on 26th June.

Northern Ireland: 5pm on 14th June.

Emergency Proxy:

You can apply for an emergency proxy on several grounds: How to vote: Voting by proxy - GOV.UK (

Candidates & Hustings:

A general election is an opportunity for people throughout the UK to choose who represents them as their Members of Parliament. This person will represent a local area (constituency) in the House of Commons for up to five years.

There are multiple candidates in each constituency, some of these will represent national parties. The one who receives the most votes will be elected as MP of the constituency.

The candidates in Norwich South (where the majority of UEA Students live in termtime):

  • Sean Timothy Bennett – Liberal Democrats
  • Graham Burton – Reform UK
  • Elizabeth Ashley Davey – Independent
  • Linda Jane Law – Party of Women
  • Clive Lewis – Labour Party
  • Jamie Osborn – Green Party
  • David Thomas – Conservative

These candidates have been invited to attend a hustings event at the LCR on the 20th June at 7pm, where you can hear their ideas and ask questions on the issues that you care about the most. More info and free tickets can be found at: uea(su) General Election 2024 Student Hustings (


Manifestos are documents published by all political parties (and other groups) setting out what they would do if they won a general election. We have attached below the manifestos of the major UK-wide political parties.

The UEA Student Manifesto outlines what political issues are important to UEA students, based on a detailed survey of over one hundred students. Give it a read here: UEA Student Manifesto

Turn Up - Student Voter Registration Campaign

Students represent 10% of the voting population, but our impact is only felt if we show up at the polls. That's why we're backing the NUS "Turn Up" campaign, the UK's largest student voter registration initiative, in partnership with the British Youth Council, Generation Rent, and Democracy Classroom.

Here are 4 steps to ensure you're ready to Turn Up at the General Election:

  • Register to Vote - Make sure you are registered to vote to have your say in the election.
  • Get Your FREE Voter ID - Usually costing £18, you can get your Voter ID for free using the code 'NUS'.
  • Sign NUS Vote Pledge - Pledge to Turn Up and vote today and they will send you all the information you need to take part in the election.
  • Sign NUS Votes at 16 Petition - Support efforts to make voting easier for young people by signing the petition.

The Manifesto for our Future

We're proud to support the NUS "Manifesto for our Future," which reflects the views of over 10,000 students and apprentices across the UK. It presents a bold, radical vision for change, addressing the issues that directly impact students' lives.

Here are 3 ways you can support students' priorities in this election:

Exciting Events Coming Soon!

We're busy working away to create some exciting events for you. Watch this space for updates and announcements about what's in store! From debates and workshops to social gatherings, we've got a lot planned to help you engage with the election and make your voice heard.

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Let's make sure our voices are heard and our votes count. Get involved, spread the word, and take action to shape our future!