PPL Ball

Wednesday 31 May 2023, 6:30pm - 11:30pm

The Assembly House, Theatre Street, NR2 1RQ

PPL End of Year Ball

Hello! On the 31st of May, we're hosting an end of year ball for all to enjoy! It's a combined event ran by PolSoc, PhilSoc and LCS Society, with both members and non-members welcome!

It's taking place at the Assembly House for £10 each, featuring a tapas style menu (found below), with a smart/formal dress code - as a bonus there will also be a photographer present, so make sure to bring your best smiles! ;)

For those of you who fancy having a drink, there's also a bar, so no worries in that department!

Seeing as this is a ticketed event, it is limited, so make sure to grab them fast before they sell out! The ticket sales also end on the 9th of May, another reason to get in there quick!

We can't wait to see you all there, it's going to be a great evening and a night to remember! 

All the best x


  • Spiced chicken thighs, smoked paprika, honey and lime GF, DF
  • Nonna’s meatballs, tomato and red pepper marinara GF, DF
  • Continental charcuterie of salamis, hams, potted meats, caper berries GF, DF
  • Hot chorizo and white bean braise GF
  • Baked button mushrooms, garlic, lemon and sherry cream V, GF
  • Roasted tomato, olive and roasted pepper, basil, olive oil, pine nuts V, GF, DF
  • Patatas bravas V, GF
  • Dressed continental leaf salad, preserved lemon vinaigrette V, GF, DF
  • Home baked Mediterranean breads, olive oil, balsamic vinegar V, DF


  • Hot churros with hot chocolate and chilli dip, raspberry puree, white chocolate and pistachio V
  • Sticky Seville orange and almond cakes V, GF


  •  Tea, Coffee