Workshop: Introduction to Alexander Technique for pain/stress

Tuesday 12 March 2024, 4pm - 5:30pm

Queens 2.28


£5.00 (Members)
£8.00 (General)
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Alexander Technique is a mind/body approach. It’s over 100 years old, and is more familiar to people in arts and music who use it to train their body awareness and help them cope with demanding and repetitive tasks. These are skills that translate well into coping strategies for pain and stress.

In this 90 min workshop you will learn:

  • How we all have habits in posture, movement and default tension levels we are often unaware of. They are hard to change, but there are ways in.
  • H?ow to rest properly and calm an overactive nervous system ‘on demand’.
  • H?ow to approach posture completely differently - so that you can improve it without all the effort (and without the problems that come with posture ‘correction’ and overly connecting it to pain)

Only 8 people/workshop max so you can get individual hands-on attention.

*This is not an exercise class, but please wear loose comfortable clothing you don't mind lying down on the floor on (on a yoga mat).

With Mireille Heald of Back to Active:
Mireille teaches Alexander Technique, combined with pain education to give people the skills and knowledge to find their way out of long term pain. Her previous career as a vet, and the experience of living with, and recovering from, life altering chronic pain herself, gives her a unique take on this area where modern approaches to pain and 'alternative therapy' meet.