Palestinian Solidarity Society Movie Night

Thursday 21 March 2024, 6pm - 8pm

Julien Study Centre


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Join Palestine Solidarity Society for the last this term in our weekly film screenings exploring everything Palestine.

To finish the term, we're pleased to bring you three short, award-winning, Palestinian-made films, exploring different aspects of life in Palestine.

Roof Knocking

In war-stricken Palestine, a woman prepares a meal for her family to break the fast in the month of Ramadan. A phone call by an Israeli soldier alerts her of the bombing of her building in 10 minutes. Coming to accept her family's fate is the only way she has to make a stand for her life, with grim consequences.


Samir is the owner of a shoe shop in Ramallah who has never seen the sea. He decides to sneak past the Israeli border with other Palestinian construction workers to fulfill his dream.

Solomon's Stone

A young man from Jerusalem, Palestine receives a letter from the Israeli post office to appear in person to receive a package. He has to pay the sum of 20.000 US dollars to collect it. Hussein's curiosity to find out what the package contains drives him to sell everything he owns. To uncover the story of this mysterious package he embarks on a tragi-comedic journey of discovery. "The story is adapted from the novel Blue Light by Hussein Barghouti. The vision of this story, written in 1985, which tells the story of a man called Hussein who is pranked with a stone, was ringing in my ears a few years ago when I saw that the story he described had become our reality. I also wanted to depict the disturbing irony of our struggle to exist in Palestine. 'Israel' does not forbid things for Palestinians, instead, they make everything impossible. Sometimes the best way to understand stories of this nature is through black comedy, which is the medium I chose."

-Ramzi Maqdisi