Around The World in 80 Books

Wednesday 22 March 2023, 6pm - 9pm

Congregation Hall 01.19

For the first time ever, UEA Literature Society presents Around The World in 80 Books - a convention celebrating books from all over the world and all different cultures!

There will be stalls from the Italian Society, Bengali Society, Indian Society, Chinese Society, Latin American Society and International Students Society to highlight some of their favourite books and to talk to you about why they love literature.

We are also featuring talks from two brilliant authors, Nick Bradley and Julianne Pacheco. They will be talking about their books and some of the research they've done, and you may have the opportunity to chat to them personally as well so bring along a copy of their books if you have one (note we will not be selling books there)!

Dr Tom Boll will also be talking about some of his research, and we hope to feature another academic who is yet to be confirmed. There will also be some performers dotted around, using their own original work.

As it is a convention, please don't hesitate to dress up as your favourite book characters! There will be prizes for the best costume. We are also running a raffle to help the crisis in Turkey, and will announce the winners at the convention.

Finally we will also have food (hopefully pizza) and if that doesn't make you come along we don't know what will. It should be served about halfway through.

We are so excited for this event and can't wait to see you all there at 6pm on 22nd March in Congregation Hall 01.19!

Tickets are £5 for society members and £7 for everyone else.