Spectrum - Doctor Who Ex-Sperminate

Friday 24 November 2023, 10pm - 2am

Blue Bar

18+ | Last Entry 00:00

Get ready for an intergalactic night of camp at Spectrum: Exsperminate!! We're celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who with some sci-fi silliness.

Whether you're a kooky Whovian or just want a great night out, beam down to the TARDIS dancefloor 

At Spectrum, aliens, robots, and humans of all stripes are welcome to be themselves and party. Grab your sonic screwdrivers (wink wink) and beam down to the dancefloor for a night of otherworldly extravaganza! 

Please respect each other and our staff.

Our Security and Venues teams are trained to support you. On hand in a safe space in the Hive, our dedicated student welfare Alcohol Impact Crew are ready with phone chargers, biscuits, water, and a lot of sound advice. And for the ill or injured, the marvellous St. John First Aiders are available.

If you are worried about spiking, feel uncomfortable, have a problem, feel unwell, please ask any staff for help. We are here to give you a Good Night Out.

Please ask for a spikey at the bar and try to reuse it if possible. We will continue to routinely remove any abandoned drinks.