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Voting in Liberation Elections

Voting in Liberation Elections

Make sure you can vote in ALL elections – keep your details up-to-date!

uea(su) works very hard to champion and defend liberation groups such as women+ (women and non-binary students), BAME people, LGBT+ people and people with disabilities. We also defend the right of international students and mature students. Our Liberation Officers, Liberation Societies and Assemblies form an important part of this work.

However, if you want to vote in elections for Liberation Officers (such as LGBT+ and BME Officer), and elections for International and Mature Students' Officer, as well as receive updates on our Liberation activism and information about our Caucuses and Assemblies, you’ll need to update your details on the SU website so that we know you define into that group. This simply involves ticking a box that says “Yes, I self-define as [X]”. This ensures that the Ethnic Minorities Officer is only elected by student who identify as an ethnic minority, and so on - ensuring that Liberation groups, as well as Mature and International students, can determine their own leadership.

But to take part, you'll need to take the quick and easy step of letting us know that you're eligible!

This information is entirely confidential and is only used by the SU to determine eligibility to vote in the relevant SU elections and receive Liberation Society and Assembly-related emails.

To change your details, simply:

  • Log in to (see top right-hand corner!)
  • Go to
  • Tick the boxes to indicate which Liberation group(s) and/or education categories you self-identify with.
  • And you're done!