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Go Global 2024


Go Global is BACK!

On Thursday 2nd May, join us for uea(su)’s biggest cultural event of the year!

Each year we celebrate our flagship cultural event, Go Global, where uea(su)'s cultural societies host a celebratory event showcasing their rich and diverse cultures through exciting performances and a delicious food festival.

Applications are still open (until Wednesday 27th March) - if your student group would like to apply for a stall you can do so here.

A £50 grant will be available to cover the cost of food if you are going to apply for a food stall.

Check out the 2019 highlights for a glimpse into what a Go Global evening holds!


What can you expect?


Performances from...

  • Pakistani Society
  • ABACUS Society
  • Turkish-Azerbaijani Society
  • Kurdish Society
  • Mallu Society
  • Tamil Society
  • Korean Society

Food stalls from...

  • Filipino Society
  • Mauritian Society
  • Indonisian Society
  • Kurdish Soicety
  • Italian Society
  • UEA Malaysian Society
  • Welsh Food Stall
  • Pakistani Society

And still more to come....



With special additions to Campus Kitchen's Go Global menu!

Check out last years campus kithcen's food choices. Keep your eyes peeled for whats in store for 2024...



Menu Price (£)
Grilled chicken, mint yoghurt, cos, pickled chilli, tomato, red onions, pomegranate, flatbread £5.00
Falafel, houmous, cos, pickled chilli, tomato, red onion, mint, lemon oil, flatbread £5.30
Chunky chips £1.90
Tabbouleh £0.90


Menu Price (£)
Filipino tofu adobo, steamed rice, spring onion £5.20
Filipino chicken adobo, steamed rice, spring onion £5.20
Chunky chips £1.90
Egg noodles, soy, spring onion £1.50


Menu Price (£)
Breaded Quorn, Japanese curry sauce, steamed rice £5.80
Breaded chicken breast, Japanese curry sauce, steamed rice £5.90
Chunky chips £1.90
Asian-spiced greens £2.00

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